I Can See the Light!


I apologize for the lack of productive updates lately, I’ve been out and about the whole weekend so I wasn’t able to work on Sinanju yet ^^;. Will take the next two days to cram in some effort. I’m also waiting for a certain “cheat sheet” for the MG Sinanju as well. I’ve finally changed all my photo lighting from that nasty yellow to daylight white! Now I can finally take some SLR photos that I can be a little more satisfied about ^^;.


For Gunpla photoshooting, nothing beats daylight (not even simulated daylight!) but this will do. Quite satisfied actually (the Astraea Type F and GN Arms photos look like crap to me, honestly). More photos…


Look Look! The photos are actually WHITE! :D I think this is actually easier on the eyes and things aren’t overexposed. Sadly, one of the bulbs has already burned out (WTF?). Maybe three 27w fluorescent bulb (100 watt equivalent each bulb) is a bit too much on one floor lamp ^^;. Look forward to better photos in the future ^_^


12 thoughts on “I Can See the Light!

  1. i dont have the ‘eye’ like you do man. as you can tell from my blog my photos are crap. dont know much about photography and im using my cell phone cam most of the time. its strong enough to see the details, but you’re photos always look really good to me.

  2. Busterbeam and John, thanks man ^^. I don’t know anything about photography myself also but I do my best to take photos that I can stand looking at.

    Busterbeam, Your cell phone must have a pretty powerful camera o_o

  3. Hey i agree with you two, I am too, only have cam phone to use ^^
    The results are so faaar away from yours ^_^;
    Btw, i just submitted my pic, have you received it yet?

  4. i always find it a challenge to take pictures of gunpla. it’s kidna hard to capture the best action pose unlike figures which is a fixed pose, all one need to do is to frame a good angle. gudnams needs posing and the stalk of the base sometimes get in the way as well.

  5. Whoa, whoa! That first photo! That isn’t Raijin-Oh, is it?? O_o

    Lovely photos though; I especially like the Wing Zero Custom’s focuses.

  6. I’m very impressed; usually when I see white kits/figures with pictures taken against white backgrounds they tend to all blend together. Yours are beautifully done. Wish I was ever able to have a steady hand to take pics – even with a tripod my photos always end up blurry.

  7. Eyeshield, yea I got it. thanks ^^

    Gordon, wow… I’m like the opposite of you Gordon xD. Taking photos of figures is like the hardest thing for me because I don’t know how to angle it >_>

    Kiri, no no! That’s the Genesic GaoGaiGar! (you can check out the review in my SRW page ^^;)

    Zircor, Thanks ^^. I think controlling the amount of light helps (i.e not having 100w fluorescent bulbs blasting from all sides at point blank). Some like to minimize shadows but I like the effect of them.

  8. Ah, okay :)
    and about the sunlight, you absolutely right! Take a look at your outdoor snow shoot, it’s impressive! Nothing can beat the nature. Even with camera phone, if the light source is the Sun, the result will be best ^^

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