MG Sinanju- Observations


After setting things up, I want to share a few things to note about this model. This might provide some insight for those who are waiting for their own Sinanju to arrive.


Looking at the runners, there are a lot of doubles; this is a very symmetrical mobile suit I figured. Very easy to sort and layout. No PC parts like the Unicorn. Springs for added coolness. Not so cool- the biggest sheet of decals and foil sticker I’ve ever seen. Why no clear stickers for the markings? They are easier to apply. The water transfer decals will be my backup in case the paint path gone astray.


Here’s one example of applying the foil stickers. Seeing how just the wrist has five different stickers is really obnoxious. You’re bound to get some bumps or gaps in between. The right photo shows where to put all the decals… the dry transfer decals where you have to position carefully then rub it in with no tolerance for screw ups @_@. Just look at some of them! They look almost impossible to apply!

img_76581 Big beam saber is big.


Looks like painting the gold in is A LOT HARDER than it seemed originally. The raised details aren’t that much higher and the pieces are smaller than I’ve imagined. All the curves doesn’t really allow much guidance for masking and brush strokes. Damnit. After seeing this, I already feel like chickening out and just use the water decals but…

img_7651 <– THIS is why I MUST paint. Thank you Bandai (and Katoki) for being considerate about molding thruster vents in their “proper” color… even if the other parts aren’t. The vents are supposed to match the gold accents but there are no foil stickers or decals to make these vents gold (understanably) BUT… this means if you use the gold foil or even the gold decals, then you would have this mix of yellow and gold on its body. IT LOOKS LIKE ASS. Why oh why not put in the effort to make seperate yellow parts for the trim pieces as well? Then we can just decide to do the whole thing in gold ourselves!


Paint and brush of choice.

So I’m currently working on the upper body and the construction is going smoothly. Very easy and effective engineering but we all know where the real difficulty lies in this kit…


20 thoughts on “MG Sinanju- Observations

  1. That kit seems like a painters nightmare, also I do hope you’ll cut out the black from the stickers if you decide to use those.

    Good luck man, seems like you will need it.

  2. Spray paint those yellow vents with gold lol. That aside… jesus, how to properly apply either the decals or stickers certainly looks like a nightmare… I’ll order mine once I feel more confident (and after seeing your result lol, good luck).

  3. Can you mask the black area before painting the trim? Masking the black parts should not be any more difficult than masking cockpits on aircraft models. You press the masking tape firmly against the upraised portion, then run a sharp hobby knife against the edge.

  4. Ugh, How frustrating! I get the feeling even if you wanted to paint the whole thing, that gold trim would still be a pain. I blame the Sinanju. If it wasn’t such an amazing mobile suit, this wouldn’t be an issue. hehe.

    Good luck Buddy, looks like you’re gonna need it!

  5. the only thing that puts me off this kit is the price and the painting gold parts.
    sad. =\

    cant wait to see how yours turn out thou. ^^

  6. I don’t think the masking the emblem here can be compared to the cockpits like Darth Mingus said. I mean, just look at the gaps between the emblem!! Masking them are just pure evil.

    I think it would be easier if you paint carefully without masking the extremely narrow gaps, then gently prick out the excess paint on unwanted areas with a hobby knife.

  7. hey that i good idea chris but you’d have to be careful not to damage the emblem but of course any one that would build this model would probably be careful enough

  8. As annoying as it looks, when that is finished you are going to have possibly one of the most manliest mobile suits ever brought to this earth.

  9. Saito, painter’s nightmare indeed…

    Beamknight, already got plans to hand brush all of them individually ^^;. didn’t want to wait a week for the spray paint to come in.

    Darth Mingus, I have never masked an aircraft cockpit before but to answer your question… unless you’re a pro modeler (which I am not), masking the black area is immensely difficult. I’ve already tried your method before posting all this. There is only oh so much space to work with and cover (the pieces are smaller than you think).

    John, pain in the eye and hands too.

    Aptkane, I blame Katoki since he’s in charge of this project!

    Flawless, Let’s just hope I don’t run into any more unpleasant surprises ^^;

    Gunstray, They are widely available online so you just need to order it…or grab it at your local hobby shop.

    Francis, the MG Unicorn is perfectly fine without PC parts. I might actually like it this way. Just look at Exia/Astraea who OD on PC parts >_>

    Ed,i think after completing this model…the price would be the least of the put off. maybe ^^;

    Derringer, *busts out the masking tape*

    Necro, while that sounds easy… it also depends on how deadly accurate you are with the knife as well. Looking at the foil sheet, you can EASILY screw up. Some of the gold lines are really thin and lies on the edge.

    Chris, you got that right. That’s exactly what I’m relegated to doing. It takes longer due to the clean up but it works for mere mortals like me.

    Orange, manliest? xD

  10. Just ordered mine against knowing better (you’d lol if you saw my X1 ver. Katoki)
    so soon I too will have to crank out the paint but until then I got a few HG’s to practice on, any suggestions for painting kits in general?

  11. where did you get that paint brush id like to get that for my brush collection i use all kinds to customize lots of different stuff

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