MG Sinanju WISP- Head and Body

Here’s the first of my Work in Slow Progress of MG Sinanju…


Let me know your honest opinion about the gold paint job. The painting really put a strain on my eyes (and I’m already kinda blind as is ^^;). It took probably a little over two hours to paint all that gold in but should probably go faster and smoother now that I got the hang of it. Masking the parts is futile as I find it faster and easier to just paint carefully and clean up whatever mess I have afterwards with a toothpick and rubbing alcohol.


I’ll still touch it up some more before spraying top coat on it. Judginging from the impurities, I’ll say one needs to apply at least 5-7 layers of gold paint (handbrushed) to look the most solid. I only applied three.


Oh how I want to give up on this model. Laziness kicking in XD. This project will probably carry me into February… *sigh*

Contest update: The 1/144 Rasiel Giveaway only have 11 entries so far and deadline is this friday so I’m thinking I could just put everyone into the finals ^^. Is anyone else still preparing theirs?


30 thoughts on “MG Sinanju WISP- Head and Body

  1. No no Z, don’t give up! It’s so gorgeous! XD
    Really,,it’s so cool. Honestly, when i saw the unpainted model at dengeki hobby, i’m really sure i dun want this model, due of lacking skill and money. But seeing your effort until now, maybe i should try Sinanju too? Hehe…(but man,7000yen? Damn)
    don’t stop carry on!

  2. Hmm…I’d have to argue against Ravhin – brush strokes don’t appear that obvious to me, but admitadly, my sense of perfection is probably not as sharp.

    For my taste, you’re doing a fantastic job. Truly Fantastic considering how low the details raise from the piece.

    Keep up the good work and steady hand Z, you’ll have an amazing Sinanju when you’re done!

  3. Z, yeah. 95% black with 3% white and 2% some grayish color isn’t gonna do for me. You can hardly see the details, so that’s why I painting it a custom color.

    It’s gonna be a combination of navy blue, black and white.

    Francis, I will see what I can do to get pictures up. But the best I can use is a camera phone. Got a SD card yesterday so now I can get pics uploaded to the pc.

  4. Thanks for the feedback everyone! I went ahead and applied one more layer to get that black undertone off. Impurities like brushstrokes are only noticeable at point blank on the edge of the emblem piece so it’s no biggie. Tried fixing it but only made it worse ^^; I redid the whole piece again. The gold really shines where there is actual light (I’ll set it up for the next WISP). I will be applying the decals at the very end along with the top coat. Can’t be too careful with this model. Oh yea… all of you can probably see that this is not going to be a “home look” at Sinanju ^^;

    Flawless, navy blue flag? That sounds awesome :D

    Necro, yea I got yours ^^. Anyone who submitted, I’ve received (unless you received a fail delivery notice). Sorry for not replying^^;

  5. Z: I didnt’ expect you to reply when you got the enty, I was just making sure that you did get it and that it didn’t end up in your spam box ^^.

  6. Z, wouldn’t be able to stay til midnight. Got school early in the morning. >_<

    My Flag’s amount of blue and black is around the same. Maybe a little more black by a bit. Don’t wanna stray from the dark theme too much.

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