Gundam Motivational!

The time has come! It’s the Gundam Motivational contest! I’ve decided to include everyone but 16 entries is a bit much to fit on one poll so I’m dividing the competition up into 4’s then merging the winners to compete for the final poll. Yes, a few used images that aren’t done with their own but ehh, I can let it slide. Everyone should deserve a chance to play. Winner takes away a 1/144 Gundam Rasiel, complete with the issue of Dengeki Hobby. Let’s make things simple:

– Semi-final voting goes until I wake up on Saturday (this is more than 24 hours from now). Final voting goes until Monday 12:01 AM PST. Should be more than enough time for everyone.

– I won’t be voting (I am in the contest just for fun though ^^). You can get your buddies to vote too but at least let them be honest

– You may vote for more than one entry <— Just testing how this will work out.

– I’ll contact whoever wins to set things up.

– May the force be with you.

And now… the contestants..

First Quarter

1. “GUNPLA – Plastic never looked so good. so. good.”


2. “KETCHUP – It’s Fancy!”


3. “EYE CONTACT – Danny says I’m looking at your eyes”


4. “TRANS-AM – Pink owns everything”


Second Quarter 1. Mobile Suit Gundam Bros 10 2. Gunpla- It's so damn addicting... 15 3. Sennen Goroshi 5 4. Gunpla- When 2D Girls just aren't enough 3
Third Quarter 1. Articulation 13 2. ALL HAIL GUNDAMMIA! 12 3. Watch What you Say 4 4. Broken Leg Joints 9
Fourth Quarter 1. Gunpla- Milking Poor Otaku Wallets Since 1979 16 2. Sousei no Aquarion 2 3. KAMEHAMEHA 8 4. Friends  11
Motivation! READY! GOOOOOO!!!

24 thoughts on “Gundam Motivational!

  1. Chris : No i’m pointing out those 40% of the votes could have been redistrubuted towards 3 other contestants or even the person Z left out, I was merely making an observation.

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