The Motivation Continues!

The judges have decided. The winners have been chosen. Time for the final showdown between the four top con… HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER!!! *cues arcade sound effect*



2. Gunpla


3. Articulation


4. Kamehameha! separate


5. Hammer Was Almost Caught


6. Sousei no Aquarion


*Voting is done*

Sousei no Aquarion and Kamehameha was such a close call so they both get to be in. I didn't expect my own motivational to actually come out on top in its quarter
 xD. Won or lost, I wasn't going to have it in the finals anyway (I did not vote either). Thank you all for voting on mine's though ^^;. Voting goes until
I wake up on Monday. You may vote for more than one entry. Best of luck to all of you. FINAL LOLZ! READY! GOOO!!!


60 thoughts on “The Motivation Continues!

  1. @Kyle: dude, chill. The prize is a FG. 1/144 HGs aren’t that expensive these days so if you want one so bad go buy it yourself.

  2. GNdynames: Well Raziel isn’t readily avaliable. If i’m right it was released only with that edition of the magazine. So its a limited edition, not quite the same as a 1/144 HG.

  3. Who calm down Kyle ! O_o
    Z, say something!

    well….about Rasiel. I think if Bandai would ever release HG ver. of Rasiel, even the FG is a limited edition is really not a big deal isn’t it? I mean, FG is far lower detailed than HG even their scale are same.

  4. I think this is pretty poor, everyones gotten aggro over such a little thing. And Eyeshield I think its mainly because it is a limited edition. Some of us do like collecting those things you know, like Z’s gold master gundam etc. So for you it might not be a big deal but for others it might be

  5. @Kyle: just because he used a 4chan-demotivator? IIRC there were no restrictions on that o_o; Z even alloweded the contestants that didn’t use their own kits for the photos xD

    Z: You might want to make contests WITHOUT prizes and then between all of the ones that participate or go to the finals you roll a dice or something ^^ then maybe sh*t like these can be avoided. truly sad… I still had fun posing my gundam that way ^^ and I made into the finals \o/ last time I didn’t so, pretty big win!

    (that’s probably because I ordered the Crossbone X-1 Full-Cloth MG from HLJ yesterday xD)

  6. The problem is that the old MG 3 finger parts are a single solid piece and not the more detailed ones on the newer MGs that you can easily separate with careful Exacto cutting.

  7. @AceWhatever: I see…thanks for pointing that out. I’ve never assembled MGs before so my knowledge of them are quite limited. XP

  8. Folks should know that I don’t have enough time for this anyway. I was actually thinking of giving the kit away if I did win. Mainly because Gunpla isn’t available in the place I currently live in.

    Anyway, I think the attitude displayed by the contestants should also be a factor to be considered, no? (I hope you get what I’m saying, and I’m pretty sure that Gundamanic up there wasn’t Marvin)

    @Orange: That explains why I’ve never heard of the kit, thanks for pointing that out.

    @Chris: You’re not wrong about the hand mod, but it only applies to the kits that have been given ver 2.0 treatment since the last three fingers are two parts instead of one.

  9. @Tachikaze: Oh no, I never questioned you being the onwer ^^ It’s just that the catchphrase is very similar to a 4chan demotivador about hentais (I think it’s “when 3D girls aren’t enough”) so that’s why maybe Kyle’s was pissed.

    I found this very funny actually since it gets a meme, a known motivator, reverts its joke and it’s in its own way more bizarre than the 4chan one (robots? WTF!? xD)


    looks like things didn’t get (too) out of hand while I was gone. Well, time to sort things out… when I wake up again *drops dead on bed*

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