Fancy That- A Tie!


In a twist of fate, there’s a tie between “Ketchup” and “Gunpla” as contest winner. Both ended with 73. Articulation follows with 63. Really close call there! How to solve this? Easy! The three gets to compete again with new motivationals! har har har. No poll this time around though. It’ll just be me judging. Get it done quick. The three must submit new entries before Tuesday 11:59 PM or forfeit. Again, email entry to zyuan3618[at]hotmail[dot]com. Couldn’t find a “tie breaker” (pun) so had to come up with something corny xD. Good luck to you three!

*yawns* back to sleep…


13 thoughts on “Fancy That- A Tie!

  1. Man, this contest is pretty chaotic. I wonder who will win in the end.

    Z, after the contest is over, you should repost all the motivationals in the contest and write a personal comment on each. I am interested in what other members think. ^_^;

  2. Clever, Z! The best thing to settle this is you being the judge with no polls, and rather than more disputes between these pictures, a final showdown with new posters is just ingenious! XD

    Of course, aside from this contest, I’m still looking forward to your Sinanju! Let’s not forget that! ^^

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