Motivational Winner


SPINSTRIKU… got a good chuckle out of this one xD. The subtitle is an unwanted bonus (only one certain explicit scene comes to mind… if you don’t get it, don’t worry about it. Anyone linking to it or mentioning it will be insta-nuked from this blog >_>). *ahem* Anyway… Congratulations, Tachikaze! You can email me where you want it to be shipped and I’ll ship it over to ya when I can be free. It might be a week or so though ^^;. You’ll get it for sure.

Here’s the other two’s final entry…


“Doggy Style” might’ve worked but the pose didn’t fit in ^^;. “Smart Robot” is smart… but can anyone make out what it is reading?

Time to share a few thoughts on the contestants (going in the order I received them)…


Gunpla – Plastic’ve never looked so good indeed. Nice choice on using Wing Ver. ka for that ^^

Sousei no Aquarion- I got a pretty good kick out of this one. More of an insane joke though. I only got it because I’m playing SRWZ- Aquarion’s intro stage had the characters seemingly having orgasms during a gettai scene >_>; (big WTF)

Gunpla- When 2D girls just aren’t enough… turn to mecha Girls instead. Effective xD


Ketchup – While I understand the “Fancy Ketchup” tidbit.. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be related to Astraea’s fancy launcher? Someone (creator) please explain ^^;

Sennen Goroshi- Almost worked… picture didn’t worked out though ^^;

Eye Contact- haha I liked this one… only because I know the joke xD


Trans-Am- Could’ve used a wittier subtitle ^^;

Kamehameha- I liked this one. Oh… and God Gundam would like a word with you :P

Broken Leg Joints- where’s the “NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!”?


Mobile Suit Gundam Bros- lol @ the one-sided weaponry

Friends- could barely read the speech bubbles @_@

All Hail Gundamnnia- Liked the “Zero” pun xD


Articulation- love the sync pose xD

Watch What you say- amen to that…

Gunpla- This one didn’t really do it for me. shorry ^^;


Gunpla- You guys can comment on this one. This was my entry xD.

Hammer was Almost Caught- Haha a wanted poster. I didn’t get the “almost caught” part though ^^;

Overall, this was a fun contest. There’s a nice turnout this time. Hope everyone had a few nice laughs. There was *almost* a case of “NO U!” though and even a Gundamaniac impersonator (I made that person apologize). Please try to keep the flames down next time. Remember, these contests are mainly done in good fun so just enjoy it.

Many things need to be assessed from this contest. For starters, I should probably not reveal the prize until the end next time so no one knows what they’re fighting for- From a jar of pickled daikon to maybe a worthwhile Master Grade. Who knows? har har. Second, polls aren’t exactly safe so have to think of another way to decide winner while still keeping everyone involved. Please share any ideas that you may have ^^.

Once again, thank you for playing!

Now on Sinanju…*cough…stares at the pile of pieces on the floor*… I know it’s been awhile since you’ve heard from me on this but I barely have any time this week. Got a few papers due on Friday and an exam coming up so there are more important priorities ^^;. Still aiming to finish it by the end of the month though.


37 thoughts on “Motivational Winner

  1. Oops, I misunderstood. Guess that’s what happen when I don’t really keep up with recent animes. I only know Code Geass by name. XP

  2. I tried to avoid mature jokes though. But after seeing Doggy Style, I probably should have stuck to Trans-AM: Too sexy for normal speed.

    Personally, I laughed at that. ^_^;

  3. The plastic is harder than gundam plastic and glossy so nub marks stick out like a severed thumb (I forget the figure of speech here). Along with that you better hope you get one from a good batch where the parts fit properly.

    They do come with stands though which is a plus.

  4. Hey Z! I forgot to thank you for the MG Shining Gundam you sent me for the last contest! I left for school when it arrived at my house so I didn’t get to see it till recently. It’s really generous of you to hold these contests. Hope it doesn’t hurt you too much financially from shipping them though ^_^; Thanks again!

  5. I sit out. Too busy with schoolwork to join any contest! /self appoints as judge lol.

    I have got a better idea. Past winners of your contests will be co-judges with you. This way, the past winners are kinda forced to sit out. =)

  6. GnDynames, Oo, i see, so gundam quality is still better eh?

    Z, i agree with Loba ^^
    how about if the judges are you and the past winners? So no votes needed
    or.. Ask Danny-san? ^^;

  7. Previous winners being judges? I can think about that.

    I’ve always wanted Geass models, especially the Lancelot Royal coating version. It looks promising considering it comes from Bandai but for the price, I rather have another MG.

  8. Yeah,lancelot would be cool. Or maybe Toudo’s suit (i forgot the name). What scale is it? The price is same with MG? Wow,haha,bandai…I’m too young to die like this ^_^;

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