MG Sinanju WISP- Arms and Hands


Oh man… I can see it. All the badass poses Sinanju will be able to pull off. The arms can do it, no doubt. If it can do Fabulous Lelouch poses, then it can do ANY poses!


So far, I think the gold is blending in really nicely with the red ^^.


Sinanju’s arms are actually one of the more sophisticated I’ve seen in a MG; there is a lot going on internally (namely sliding parts and a “detachable” wrist). The arms are completely symmetrical so the only thing differentiate between left and right is the hand. It’s really amazing just watching the parts slide as the arm bend. Goes to show Bandai worked their magic on this part.

Waiting for my “cheat sheet” before I start the decal work. More WISP to come later.


24 thoughts on “MG Sinanju WISP- Arms and Hands

  1. JiangQin, Tamiya makes sandpaper for plastic models. 600 up to 1200 grit is nice. Are you talking about masking tape? They are pretty much everywhere ^^

    Chris P, any shops that sell model spray paint will have top coat. They go together.

  2. oh thanks there… btw, do u sand ur parts b4 painting?

    and r u using airbrush?

    its hard here being new, i did look at (cant understand) Hobby Japan and Dengeki… bt cant reli get d idea on how 2 paint my parts…

    is d bottle sprays recommendable?

  3. no. I hand brush my parts, pretty much detailing and not fully painting so I have no need to sand. Just clean the nubs as nice as I can. Are you referring to spray cans? Those are nice and gives a smooth finish but I suggest you practice how to control them (on another model) before really using it otherwise you can mess things up ^^;.

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