MG Sinanju WISP- Paint vs. Decals vs. Stickers


If you’re gonna paint the Sinanju, the shield is probably THE most troublesome part to handle. All the curves and rounded edges can be a harsh nightmare. Thought I’d take this time to crush anyone’s hope who is still thinking that the foil stickers or waterslide decals that came with Sinanju is “not that bad” ^^;.


First off, the water decals are PATHETIC (upper left corner). It has fitment issues thanks to the clear borders around the part. Of course you can take care of it by trimming it off around the actual decal but that requires delicate work. I did my best to make it fit… and it just doesn’t work. At this point, might as well paint it gold. The gold on the waterslide decals has a very dark tone to it… almost like bronze.


Okay… the foil stickers might not look TOO BAD on just one side but if you think about how the rest of the shield can also be covered in that same bling bling champagne gold then you might realize how cheap and obnoxious it will look. The fitment is fine but this is just for that one sticker. The light tone of the gold plus the sheer reflectiveness of the foil doesn’t work well with the rest of Sinanju though.


A bit of a blurry shot but you’ve seen enough of the gold paint on other areas already. At the very end, I’m glad I stuck with the paint process. It requires a buttload of more work and patience but it really pays off. I also prefer some minor brushstroke impurities here and there than ultra bling stickers that makes the model look extremely cheap. Now I don’t have to keep wondering if it was worth ditching the foil stickers for.

Hei hei… back to work…


16 thoughts on “MG Sinanju WISP- Paint vs. Decals vs. Stickers

  1. Humm…still, even if i managed to buy Sinanju i’m still afraid from -your talks about-nightmare of this model, hehe…^^;
    Especially the detailing parts, but still your work is awesome Z!
    Oh yeah, is it true Sinanju can transform to MA?

  2. Totally agree with the water decals! When I first got the sinanju I didn’t even know the decals came with the mg. I thought that was cool at first, until I tried putting them on. It’s just a pain!

  3. Interesting comparison with water decal, foil stickers, and your painting there. The hard work from the painting does show its lustre there and pays off. I commend your effort and good job on your progress so far~

  4. On first impression, the water decal looks like transparent yellow to me, which was nice, but of course it doesn’t fit the gold you’re using.

    The foil sticker is as you said, looks better, but then again, since you already done the hard work of painting the body and hands, there’s no doubt it’ll look better in paint too. Can’t wait to see your finish model poses.

    Shield….which reminds me, Busterbeam had problems posing with the shield, so you might want to really put enough layers of topcoat to prevent the paint from coming off.

  5. Keep at it man, you can do it, its looking great from how its turning out already. I still havent had enough money to buy mine, so i’ve been boringly working on a little Ball, which im turning into a pokemon colored scheme. Can’t wait to see how this all turns out.

    Boo towards the water slides btw, i was actually hoping since they included waters for once we wouldnt get shafted in quality.

  6. what paint do i need to use to paint the sinanju..I hate the stickers so much..but the problem is i have no experience on painting gundams

  7. The stickers for the sinanju are a real pain, I just got it recently and I am having a terrible time trying to take off the foil stickers from their sheet. I’d say go with painting it.

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