MG Sinanju Cheat Sheet


This finally came in from HLJ and now I can really get to work on actually “completing” all the parts that I’ve assembled. There’s no way in hell am I going to spend hours aligning EVERY SINGLE dry transfer decals onto Sinanju without screwing up a couple. The water slide decals should be able to nullify that risk. Mr. Mark Setter for finishing touch.

Also, picked this up today too…


Bought it to see Dengeki’s Sinanju tutorial. I haven’t had the time to open it yet but will show some shots when I do. I could care less for the GN Sefer that was included  since I don’t have a Rasiel. Maybe give the Sefer away?

Also, thank you all very much for the heartfelt get well wishes! ^^ I’m better now but still need to crash now and then. Black chinese medicine brewed out of mysterious grass, roots, twigs, and herbs FOR THE BITTER WIN.


18 thoughts on “MG Sinanju Cheat Sheet

  1. Just wondering, how does the decal setter work? I just started using waterslides, so I’m slightly curious about that.

    Waterslides>>dry transfers>>>>>>>stickers :D

  2. Gunstray, Rasiel? I just gave that away ^^;

    DChan, you just brush it on after applying the decal and it dries up fairly quick. It sorta “melts” the decal onto the plastic (still somewhat see the borderlines though) so it doesn’t fall off. I tested and yup…if I try to peel it off, the decal just scratches. NICE!

    I thank my readers for recommending that stuff to me :D

  3. Cheat sheet? It looks like a butt load of work to me even if it’s waterslides. I usually take hours to do some decals. It’s my favorite part of the build though.

  4. I think the Sefer would be useless to those who don’t have the Rasiel, so maybe give the Sefer to the same person?

    Thanks for explaining about the Mr Mark Setter. Was wondering what it does too.

    By the way, Happy Chinese New Year!

  5. Hey Z, you may want to reconsider about brushing the setter on top of the decal. I usually apply the Mr Mark Setter on the plastic first and then apply the decal. Is like using glue.
    Also, you should wash the plastic with soap first to clean any left over oil. if you use the setter on top of the decal, it will only soften the decal. try it out first.

  6. Darkage, it has the same amount of decals as the dry transfer. It’s “cheating” because water slides are easier to apply and I can fix any positioning mistakes unlike dry transfers.

    Chris, 恭喜发财! I still have one more day to go though ^^;

    AstrayP03, depends xD

    Eyeshield, yup. alive and kickin’. the above is the waterslide version of the dry transfer decals.

    Rakigako, ah! that makes sense too! I also read somewhere (forgot) you can also apply both on plastic and on top but that seems excessive. Thanks for the tip!

  7. Ah, delicious water slide decals… certainly they make life easier, even more so with models such as Sinanju or Unicorn given the intimidating “ZOMGGIGANTICKATOKISHEET”.
    Hope you finally recover completely from your cold. Can’t wait to see the final result of this project.

  8. Glad to see you’re ok, bitter chinese meds ftw.
    Are you going to paint the Sinanju before putting on the decals or just put them on and apply a topcoat?

  9. Congrats on recovering Z!
    Man i wish i knew about waterslide decals earlier, my Unicorn would come along more nicely. Still applying stickers after one month break. Not touching those decals yet though
    And advanced happy chinese new year since tomorrow is gonna be busy

  10. Beamknight, the water slides sure help out a lot for the obnoxious parts like awkward corners and tight areas ^^

    Tachikaze, the only parts painted are the gold. Everything else is left as is, apply decal then top coat.

    Hono-san, careful with Unicorn’s decals. They are obnoxious ^^. Yes, tomorrow is going to be VERY busy :D

  11. Sickness seems to get around pretty well around this time… I didn’t have the flu, but something else pretty bad. But I’m glad you’re getting better.

    I can’t say I have much comment beyond that, except for asking you this: If you plan on something next (model, figure, or otherwise) after the Sinanju, what would it be?

  12. Eh, the only thing that I don’t like about ver.Ka gunpla is that there are always a lot of decals to apply and I always screw something with them :/ . Anyway till now you progress on Sinanju is looking great, can’t wait for final resoult :) .

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