MG Sinanju WISP- Shield Angst


I’m beginning to understand Busterbeam’s pain a little more now. I’m going to punch Katoki if I ever meet the guy in Japan. I’m not only under the impression that he doesn’t apply the decals and stickers to the models that he designed but now I’m also under the impression he doesn’t even build the kit himself to see if things are sensible.


The shield is gonna annoy the **** out of me when I do Sinanju’s photoshoot. The shield attaches VERY POORLY to the forearm- it doesn’t clamp on completely and easily pops off. Shoulder attachments? The law of gravity makes the shield DROP immediately since the tiny arm can’t hold it up at all so you can kiss that gimmick goodbye. The shield itself looks great though… after spending oh so much effort into painting it. I’m glad I got that over with.


Shoulders- Remember… paint the yellow vents gold while it is still on the runner for obvious reasons. Was thinking of painting the thrusters but thought I’d pass on it this time.


I’ll apply the decals and top coat after the entire model is complete. There’s 147 unique decals with most having duplicates for different sides so that’s probably 330+ decals that I’ll be applying. Weeee!


23 thoughts on “MG Sinanju WISP- Shield Angst

  1. Chris, yea…even without the shield I think Sinanju can pull off most of the poses I’ve envisioned during assembly

    Siroh32, Like your suggestions. Will look into the Robo Damashii line as well but for now, I’ve already got something planned after Sinanju ^^

    Necro,could be better

    Grief, I’ve never seen glossy topcoat before but I’d assume it’s going to reflect a lot of light afterwards? Probably hard to take pics of ^^

    Chris, you’re right… most gold tends to have a dark tone and go near the bronze color. Guess you gotta mix it with something else…maybe silver or yellow?

  2. After I read a bit more maybe I guess you might’ve not noticed something else about attaching the shield to the shoulder thruster. On the back of the shield on the light gey parts theres a hole, its where the bottom spike on the shoulder thruster is meant to stay in to keep the attachment tight. If you attaches the beam axes and position at the top of the shield, then look between them, and you should see the hole/dent(it’ll look big enough just for the tip of the bottom spike) I’m talking about.

    It took me and a friend forever-and-a-day to figure it out on our Sinanjus, leaving feeling silly when we did. The instruction manual was just a smidgen to vague for us this time.

    Hope this helps

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