MG Sinanju WISP- Halfway?

Sorry for the complete lack of updates! ^^; Forgive me. Last week was just overwhelming and glad that it finally passed. On to business, I supposed this is the halfway point for the assembly part of Sinanju. I’ve been waiting to do this pose…


The brightness shown on the camera looked perfect so I don’t know why it’s so dark here. Don’t worry, the real photoshoot will be clear! As you can see… I only managed to complete the waist since the last WISP >_>;


Sinanju’s waist is one of the more sophisticated build compared to other MGs. There’s sliding mechanics, multiple layers, and spring tubes (I hated this part). The completed part is very sturdy and looks like it can hold out for some posing. I’m afraid of the spring might be a little easy to pop off the front skirt armor.


Again, I apologize for the ridiculously slow updates recently. At the rate I’m going, some of you could’ve already bought Sinanju and finished it by now ^^;. I’m hoping to have this model be standing by itself within the next two days. Time to get serious about finishing this guy.


14 thoughts on “MG Sinanju WISP- Halfway?

  1. me too, my PG strike is left untouched for 1 month… Too busy with studies. I think of buying this MG Sinanju only after i get my hands on the Hong kong or Taiwan ver of Dengeki Hobby feb 2009, which I will only able to buy around late april…

  2. take it slow Z. quality and satisfaction is more important.

    just a question. what did you do for the nub marks for the waist spring tubes? i remember having seen my friend’s MG Sazabi coating ver and it looks hideous.

  3. Laguna, I tried painting the nubmarks gray to hide it a bit but the paint doesn’t match the plastic so it is still sorta there. Can’t really do much unless you completely paint over it but that is a BIG PITA.

    Gunstray, Good idea!!! :D

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