MG Sinanju WISP- SD Sinanju


Ahaha Sinanju actually looks somewhat decent in this psuedo-SD form xD. Almost tempted to just finish it like this. Just got done with the feet (which has the worst/thickest nubs on this kit) and now working on the legs.


The best part so far is that I’m finally done with painting the gold! YES!!! NO MORE GOLD TO PAINT! This means I can finally pick up the pace since it is all basic construction from here on ^^.


Proper lighting and exposure really make the gold shine :D


26 thoughts on “MG Sinanju WISP- SD Sinanju

  1. Z, am I correct in assuming you’re covering up nub marks with paint? Provided you are, what shade of red are you using? I ordered Sinanju from HJL (backordered for the time being ; ;), but I’d like to know what paints I should pick up beforehand.

  2. Paulo, that looks really sweet! how did you apply it? ^^

    Eyeshield, Sinanju doesn’t have a MA mode o_o.

    Ekin, the nubs… they range from completely covered to very exposed. From very minimum to very thick. I’m serious ^^;

    Sbhboi, the only part you can really “mess up” in this kit is the paint but that is an easy tedious fix.

    Lupes, I’m using the red (GM46) that comes with my fine tip gundam marker set. It’s near perfect for Sinanju’s red :D. I think Mr. Hobby also have their own Sinanju color set as well.

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