MG Sinanju WISP- Actual Height

Here’s a more meaningful WISP than last time. Let’s check out the height of this monster!


Sinanju’s height is almost exactly equal to Unicorn’s Destroy Mode height- it’s almost impossible to tell which one is really taller (it’s Sinanju in case you wanna know)! I think this would make Sinanju the first tallest MG that can still pose (Ex-S, Perfect Ziong, Sazabi are limited to just standing).


The legs are very solid and very well engineered. Nothing unnecessary and all sliding parts serve a real function in its articulation. Very impressive. The nub marks are pretty bad on the legs as they are thick, usually on spots that curves or worse… in such a spot and angle where it is hard to clip off with the right hand. Overall, it still doesn’t show as bad but it was tiring (and futile) trying to clean them off without messing up a little.


I’m almost finish! Just the backpack and weapons to go then it’s on to stage 2! Decals… *shudders*


18 thoughts on “MG Sinanju WISP- Actual Height

  1. Co-cool!!
    Arrgh.. I want one Z!
    But, i already made my decision for my first plamo this year ^^
    gud luck with tha decals! Wait… You actually haven’t apply any decals yet? XD

  2. Been following your Sinaju’s process and I must say great work all the way.

    One question here. Have you done anything to the red parts of the model? The photos this time has me curious about the condition of the red parts ie how it looks OOB and whether it requires more work to look good.

  3. Wing Ver Ka only goes up to Sianju’s waist?!

    Looking really nice there, especially having the Unicorn side by side. Btw will you colour the V fin for Unicorn or keep it white?

  4. AstrayP03, yup yup… The SD version was much more interesting xD

    Sbhboi, The Wing Ver. Ka is actually rather short… one of the shortest 1/100 models in my line-up ^^;

    Eyeshield, the decals will be a whole new project of its own…. given the abundance

    Jacques, haven’t it always been that way? XD

    T, Nothing to the red yet. The red is very solid looking and feels high quality but it’s your typical shiny plastic OOB. top coat should be able to fix this though.

    Q, actually… my Unicorn’s v-fin IS colored. Just not in yellow.

  5. Yet another kit I’m now unpatiently waiting to get since I’ve seen it on this blog…
    I’m going to wait awhile before I get this one though. I want to get some experience in painting before I try to tackle the gold emblems.

  6. “The Wing Ver. Ka is actually rather short… one of the shortest 1/100 models in my line-up ^^;”

    Haha, wait bro line it up with Crossbone or F91, major differences in height ~ =;D

  7. Necro, a little paint experience before handling Sinanju is definitely recommended ^^

    Sbhboi, oh yea…they’re pretty short too. Can’t wait to build mine.

  8. Yeah, Gundam W mobile suit designs tend to be short; in the 16-to-17-meters-tall range. Universal Century designs from OYW to Char’s Counterattack usually are around 19-to-20-meters-tall or even taller. But MS designs after that became smaller; down to around 15-or-so meters around F91 and Victory Gundam.

    Still, when you compare how different Wing ver. Ka and Sinanju’s sizes are, it’s pretty impressive. If you measured the height of both and blew up these models to 1/1 size (or just browse around MAHQ as I did), then Wing ver. Ka’s head-height is about 17.6 meters, while Sinanju’s overall height is around 22.6.

  9. the v fin on the unicorn should really be red on the innerside/outerside when its split open into the v. and the blue parts are way out of place they should be red as well as any part that isnt white or red already but i guess they were just following the standard gundam colors when you think about it.

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