MG Sinanju WISP- Completed Model


This is it. Take a good look. A home look. This is how the MG Sinanju looks like out of the box (minus the gold obviously) before I infest it with 300+ of Katoki’s signature senseless decals and drown it in top coat. This will be the last WISP post for Sinanju as I won’t be updating on my decaling progress so the next Sinanju-related post will be the final review everyone’s been waiting for ^^;. Then again…


Sinanju has a powerful and solid stance. Don’t think I’ll ever need to worry about it falling or something. It has plenty of weight to keep it planted.


Just a few subtle action poses. Can’t show off everything now otherwise I won’t have anything left for the real photoshoot ^^;. Enjoy!


17 thoughts on “MG Sinanju WISP- Completed Model

  1. WOW!!!

    Z, your Sinanju is awesome!!! Excellent job on the gold linings!

    Can’t wait to assemble mine… She does look good in red! But I think I’ll repaint mine, though… painting the shield seems to be difficult. wish me luck ^^

  2. The Red Lord’s looking majestic here. First image really shows the gold linings well. And the shield actually looks slightly reflective. o_0

    Wishing you good luck for the decal work.

  3. Awesome work! Really like how the gold is done. After following your WISP, this kit is indeed not for the faint hearted. But it is still in my to-buy list. Looking forward to the final review!!

  4. Haha, sure does look impressive. I guess not only us, you yourself also look forward to finally finishing what seem to be the most complicated MG.

    @Durandal: Sinanju is a ‘she’? XD

  5. The long-awaited sinaju is finally complete.. I love the gold parts…And you should be proud of yourself of such achievement. Cheers.

  6. Excellent. You can’t go against Katoki too much, the man sure knows how to design a Mobile Suit!

    (Plus I’m a total advocate of the decals on his designs!)

  7. Usually you put the topcoat after you got the decals the way you like them. Some people use future finish , others use tamiya or Mr Hobby top coats. Usually,to get decals to look border-less, people use flat top coat.

  8. @ darenissocool – well in this case, it will be waterslide decals. which means gloss topcoat first! then waterslide decals (gloss makes waterslide decals easier to put on because of its slippery surface). Then i dunno if you want to use the Mr. Setter thing but if not then another gloss top coat to seal in the decals. Then finally that lovable flat top coat.

    I think if you spray the topcoat right above the decal. it might mess up the decal.

  9. Durandal, thanks! and good luck to you on yours. It’ll be tough ^^;

    T,thanks man. I think it’ll go smoother than the painting process

    Paliodor, the decals are probably the easiest ^^

    Romi, if you are willing to skip the gold paint then this model will be just as easy as any :D

    Chris, yea… I’m looking forward to be done with this because I’m getting tired of seeing it as an unfinished project ^^;

    Adrian,ah… I feel humbled ^^;

    Jamaipanese, you’re working on one too?

    Aptkane, oh yea… I definitely give him all the credit he deserves for this thing ^^

    Daren, rainbowten and your local hobby shop should have them. Mechwarrior and Ekin answered your other question ^^

    Mechwarrior, thanks for explaining!

    Ekinsbs, I’ll be using mr. marksetter on the decals. flat coat on waterslide is fine. None of the water decals got messed up on my MG impulse ^^

  10. For a design that essentially looks like an excuse for Hajime Katoki to redesign the Sazabi, I think he’s done pretty well with this and other MSGU designs. I really like how the Sinanju looks when completed, especially with the backpack thrusters. At first when I was looking at the backpack in the photos, I was initially thinking what the Hi Nu Gundam’s Fin Funnel backpacks, but when looking at the last photos (the second-to-last one especially), to me, it looks more like a simpler take of Wing Gundam Zero’s angelic inner-thruster wings (not the big maneuvering ones on the outside).

    Maybe that’s just me, but still, it’s one of Katoki’s better-looking stylish/decorative mobile suit designs (for lack of a better term in describing MS designs like Sinanju, like his GW Gundams, etc.) in recent years. I also like the design of the Banshee with its reindeer-esque V-fin.

  11. @Chris
    Oops.. my bad… I always address my MS Model Kits as a “she” – pretty much like ships are addressed as a “she”, too…

    besides, Sinanju has a beautiful design.. Maybe not as feminine as Wing Zero, but still.. she’s beautiful ^^

    actually I planned to put dark colors and replace the gold linings with red to give her some nice contrast and aggressive look.. my basis for this color scheme would be Saber Alter / Dark Saber from Fate/Stay Night…

    but since the gold linings are not molded in different parts, maybe I should think for a different color scheme… I don’t have an airbrush, so I painted all my Gunplas with a brush…

    Oh, good luck and May the Force be with you on your journey of putting the decals on your Sinanju.. well, you did a great decal job on your Unicorn, I’m sure you’re patient enough to put the decals on Sinanju – with another excellent results! ^^

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