30 thoughts on “Sinanju- Most Hotblooded MS?

  1. oh and, please be careful when disassembling Sinanju for decal-ing. i’ve broken parts of my kits before when disassembling them. T_T

  2. Oh yea,
    thanks to your explanation too. Sorry, i didn’t see your comment before,hehe. I think your explanation match Z’s, heheh, i didn’t think it would be so simple…

  3. hey Z… why not you start a tutorial on gunpla making ala. your style…
    Danny Choo did it but his is for sprays…

    Why not share with us your brush-built technique?
    Its nice to see that even using it you did such a great job for your models..

  4. JiangQui, I did.. it’s called “My Tools” but it’s very outdated ^^; Thanks for your compliment but I’m still not confident with handbrushing. It is simply that for me. Handbrush the paint on. What techniques? xD

    Gunstray, be patience! sales will come! :)

  5. sorry everyone, this dumbass, “a random fag” (my friend) decided it would be funny to piss everyone off, plz disreguard the comment, “it looks gay” he was just acting silly

  6. Nope, Gurren Lagann is better. So much so, that while attempting to call this better than Gurren Lagann, you had to use Gurren Lagann’s parts. That’s because this mecha wouldn’t be cool without them.
    Oh, and a random fag is right. It DOES look gay.

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