Quitting Gunpla…

TLDR. Now I know I still have a Sinanju review due (currently 3/4 done with decals!) but this particular thought has been stuck in my head for months now so thought I’d like to share about it now. Let’s see where to begin…


The above is exactly what I see everyday when I wake up and open my eyes. One too many times I find myself questioning “why do I have so many again? =.=”. For the past year, it seems like I’ve lost my passion, incentives, and reasons for continuing to collect Gundam models. It’s not even a matter of money or space but rather… I think I’m getting tired/bored of Gundam.

I remember when I first started Gunpla, I would jump right into it with excitement. I even thought to myself “oh how I wish I could have a Gundam model to build everyday!”. Took me long enough to realize that I’ve finally fulfilled that childhood wish and I literally do have a model everday to work on but for some odd reasons, it doesn’t feel as “HOORAY!” as it should be ^^;.Before this blog, it would take me anywhere from one month to over a year to get started on a model; I’d buy the model without the intention of building them. While I still remember it was a lot of fun back then, now it seems like a chore to complete a model. This must have something to do with how I now care about making the model look nice and getting all technical (removing nubs, painting, etc) instead of just snap and play. In any case, I was never a “modeler” nor did I make Gunpla an actual hobby… I’m just someone who likes the Gundams.

Another thing that has been lingering in my head is the future of my models. Where will they be ten years from now? Still displayed in the case? destroyed? thrown away? Given away? I don’t know but I’m sure all good things come to an end eventually. Just looking at what I have in my cases now, I ponder if there comes a day that I would personally get rid of them for whatever reason (though highly unlikely anyway). I would hate to see my effort like my MG Unicorn and Ex-S disappear.

Probably the core reason for my collection of Gunpla stems from nostalgia. Robots are one of the very first thing I recognize and play with while growing up as a kid and I think I’ve been exposed to Gundam as early as age four. Loved how my mom used to take me to Chinatown and I see many shops with Gundam model displays; I was awestruck by the “powerful robots” and “big guns”. The model part came from my mom always buying me these toys (that assembles like Gundam models) that comes with candy inside (I think you all know what I’m talking about). That nostalgic feeling weared out a long time ago. I don’t get that jolly kid feeling anymore whenever I build my models. I just get serious.

Lastly, Gunplas are expensive and it gets even more expensive. I’m not going (too) poor or anything but I think it’s best that I should start saving now while my income is still stable. Restraint is the keyword here. Or I could use my Gunpla budget for more worthwhile things like a TV… or a performance exhaust manifold and exhaust system (hello Mugen) for my car. This year, I’ve already put off a few models that I originally wanted to get: Nu HWS, 1/144 00-Raiser, and PG Red Frame. Now they can wait till whenever I have room. I was very tempted to order them but then I think “…. I won’t get to them anytime soon anyway”. I also need to finish my backlog. So yea, this last reason is a little about restraint. Less consuming. More saving.

I’ll admit… if it weren’t for this blog, I would never have put in the effort to reduce my backlog. Most of the models reviewed here would probably still be on their runners ^^;. Saying that, I’ll still put in all my effort to complete my backlog (that’s still 13+ MG and a few HG) and that will be the end of my “active” Gunpla arc of life. “Active” meaning deliberately buying Gunplas and regularly building them. After the backlog, I’ll just sit back and maybe pick up one or two models a year or something like that. Don’t worry, this blog still have a LONNGGGGGGGG way to go and you can continue to expect the usual Gunpla reviews from me for months to come ^^. To sum everything up, I am simply losing my passion for Gunpla and trying to prioritize things a little better. That’s all.

UPDATE: As some point out, maybe I just need a good break from Gunpla and then maybe my passion will come back. Maybe I’m getting burnt out from building one Gunpla after another and Sinanju finally pushed me over the edge. I supposed it’s not a good sign if one goes “NOOO! IT’S A GUNDAM (MODEL)!!!” after seeing a new Gundam model ^^;. I do hope my passion will ignite again someday.

What’s your view of your Gunpla collection? Is your passion strong enough to keep you going for the years to come? Feel free to share any thoughts you have ^^

59 thoughts on “Quitting Gunpla…

  1. Hey bro, I used to have the same feeling like you after collect Gunpla for years. Sometimes when you own too much, you should start to think and find the balance. Like me as example, I already quit plastic modelling since last year. That is because I have to handle my works and comic projects. Infact I am deep into drawing comic right now. Consider built 1 complete model kit may cost me around 1 week, now I rather use 1 week time to produce more comics.
    But quitting Gunpla doesn’t mean I give up passion into robot world. I still buy robot toys, action figures, log in modelling forum to enjoy ppl’s hard works. I admit I really enjoy their works and blog. I hope you will keep your passion to run this blog. Maybe you can turn to Gundam photo shooting. There are some bloggers who seldom built Gundam but they are good to help their friend to shoot the Gunpla works and post those beautiful photo in their blog to share. Think about it, man. Well, my best wish to you, bro. Cheers! :)

  2. Keep it up man!

    A tip on how to get “burning” again for a particular kit, go watch that particular Gundam in action again (in anime)!
    Or go check out how awesome others have made the same kit look! Then see where & how you can make reference to it in your own kit.

    Do 1 kit at a time & keep the rest out of sight!

    I myself have about 14+ backlogs to be cleared (mostly MGs + 2PGs -_-“).

    Let’s both work hard together! =)

  3. I was in a similar situation awhile ago. One day, I realized that I had a huge backlog of over 20 kits (mostly MGs) and absolutely no motivation to build any of them. It was basically a “Aww.. crap” moment.

    I’ve since then stopped buying Gunpla and sold the kits I know I’m never going to touch. Slowly working on my remaining kits, I’m down to 3 MGs now (including the recently acquired Sinanju). I do get the urge to build Gunpla once in awhile, so I’ll probably build 1 or 2 in a year. But I’m seriously burned out now. I’ll never be able to build 3-4 MGs in single month, like I did years ago during the height of the SEED era.

    Who knows, your burnout might be temporary.. but for me it was definitely permanent.

  4. Z,
    I also think for you it is probably case of been burn out. There’s nothing wrong with taking a break. I had so many interests that I actually have them on rotation. Gaming, Model building, collecting toys, music, etc…when I reached a saturation point on one, I just stop and move on to another thing, but I will come back eventually.

    There was a period when I was in the mode and built like 13 models (HG, MG, NG) in a span of 2 weeks…that was like 1 per day. After that I was totally burned out! And I just stop for a month or so. And then I pick up again. :) And talking about backlog, I think mine is over 100…a mixed of MG (~40), HG, NG and SD… I don’t know if I will ever finish them, given that I am still buying kits at the moment. I should really stick to the motto of “Built more, Buy less”!!

    Anyway, take a good well-deserved rest. Building Gunpla should be fun!!! (Not a chore~) :)

  5. Oh, it happens dude. Even my Strike Freedom conversion is covered in a plastic bag on my desk right now so it doesn’t pile up dust and I won’t have to look at it. Also, if you pick up modelling, there would be more creativity involved (although not exactly good for the budget).

  6. Don’t worry Z, i think you just need a break.

    I always thought of quitting gunpla for multiple reasons. Firstly is of course the expensive price of gunpla. I’m still an undergraduate student so spending such great amount of money on gunpla isn’t what a student should be doing. Secondly I really need to concentrate my time of my studies. Not only time is wasted in building gunpla, I spend a lot of time in researching gunpla as well.

    But i keep on telling myself, if I don’t enjoy gunpla full now, I won’t be able to do so next time when I become a working doctor. Once I started working, I won’t be able to have time to eat and shit, so gunpla is definitely impossible for me.

    As an excuse for myself, I’m definitely quitting gunpla, but not now. I really feel sad that this day may come. However it is, come what(ever) may, and what I can do right now is to appreciate what I have (gunpla) right now.

    I’m really shocked to know that you’re quitting gunpla (thru RSS feed at my Vista sidebar). It is a sad news for the gunpla atmosphere to have one less collector. It would be sad for your readers too (me included) to have one less gunpla blog to read.

  7. Yeahh agree the exchange rate is killing the industry.
    The price in my country has risen so much that I’d reconsider buying any future models.
    It’s just not worth paying the extra.

    Its sad to hear that but good luck in your future undertakings.

  8. Gunpla is definitely a cyclical thing for me. I don’t get to into too much detail as I just spray paint the runner and attempt to trim the gates as flat as possible. Anything beyond that would create too much work for me to finish them in a timely fashion. I don’t make a living making gunpla so I practice moderation but there is always a place in my heart for a little gunpla here and there.

  9. I’d get crazy if there’s nothing to do whenever i’m home… just that I get bored everytime..
    Curently beginning to build my MG Unicorn and thinking what to get next.. probably MG Shin Musha or other HG Gundam 00 mechs..

  10. heres some reasons y not to do wat ur doing right now

    A)the gundam would be covered in dust
    B)all the money u used on gunpla was wasted because u didnt enjoyed it or make it to its best quality

    man if u cant finsh them buy SD model kits

  11. Even though I found your site a month or so ago I liked it from the very first moments, even though I do have my own gunpla site. Anyways as much as I’d like to see new reviews here I gotta say wether you choose to come back to Gundams some day or not i do respect your decision and wish you very best things in whatever you’ll be doing in the future. Cheers!

  12. What you’re going through is perfectly normal (I would know because it’s something I have to know for my psychology midterm -_-) I’ll be making a post about it sometime in the week (look up overjustification effect if you want a general idea)

  13. I don’t know… seeing that pile of gunpla boxes really emphasizes the daunting task you have yet. And after putting together the Sinanju, the others really aren’t that much better especially the non MG seed’s. My opinion of course. I would be at an impasse… On the one hand, it would be great to have so many gunpla you have there, but on the other — just like you said, what would I do with it all.

    But then again.. if you quit, what would you do in its place?

    Keep up the great work! I for one would love to see some of these reviewed. The Zeta v2, the OYW and the Zaku v2 amongst others.

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