Yuna Ito- Trust You


I’ve been waiting to hear the full version of this song for now. A beautiful song by a beautiful artist. Love how soothing the piano sounds.

Sinanju Review probably by the end of this week :)… BUT OF COURSE, it has to start raining just when I’m about to top coat everything!


29 thoughts on “Yuna Ito- Trust You

  1. Love this song, it’s very beautiful just like she ^^
    I will order cd with this song in the next month together with the rest of singles with opening and ending themes from Gundam 00.

  2. After finishing Sinanju myself, I definitely agree. It can be a real spirit-killer. :(

    By the way Z, are you having trouble with Sinanju’s legs staying connected when you’re posing it?

  3. Kururu, I’m personally looking forward to using Exia in SRW whenever that time comes ^^

    Paliodor, you should wait for the “Complete Best” then where they include all the OPs and EDs in one CD. It’s bound to happen.

    Lupes, your legs aren’t pushed all the way in yet ^^;.

  4. Hmm…I don’t like this PV. The song is good, but the video sort of kills the mood for me. You probably know than I really liked the song from one of the posts from my blog. But this happens a lot for Japanese music.

  5. @Z Well I already have Gundam 00 OST 2&3 and singles with ,,Prototype” and ,,Ash like snow” so I don’t think that I will buy complete best. But yes it’s more then sure that there will be CD with all the best songs from anime it’s just the matter of time;)

  6. por que le colocaron ese nombre?, como surgio la idea? yo tengo 17 años soy colombiana y mi nombre es originario en la guajira y pense que era la unica en tenerlo

  7. I’m just finished watching 00s2 recently and i remember this post. And finnaly hear this song :D

    really fit the ED clip great! With that all abandoned Gundam, really good indeed! I wonder if there are who made diorama like at ED clip, must be cool! xD

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