Gunpla Pinching

UPDATE: I can finally start on typing up Sinanju’s review! It’s going to be HUGE! Full review up tomorrow! ^o^

This is a short follow up on my previous “Quitting Gunpla” post. In an effort to not increase backlog and actually work on saving money and time, I’m beginning to cross out Gundam models on my want-list. Sadly, I’ve just canceled my pre-order for the two (red and blue) 1/100 GFFM Z Plus that I’ve placed since last November. I didn’t want to but I gotta keep reminding myself “it’s a want! not a need!” and how I seriously have no space for them. AT ALL (I don’t even have space for the last few models I built). Hopefully, I’ll come back to picking them up somewhere in the future. Gunplas that I’ve crossed off the list includes the 1/144 00 Raiser, 1/144 Nu HWS, MG Sword Impulse (NOOO!), MG Acguy (NOOO!), SRW’s Thrudgelmir (I have the figure anyway >_>), PG Red Frame (intentionally skipped pre-order), 1/144 Cherudim, 1/144 Arios, another MG Strike Noir and some others I can’t remember. Before the new year, I had also planned on an airbrush to start my “Ver. Z” line but guess I have to axe that too for later. In short, I’m boycotting this hobby for the rest of the year. It pains me to do it but I know I must “do the right thing” (hello priorities). Saving money is also important for me right now, not because I’m going broke, but because I still have income! “Saving money” means not spending even when you are making money. I don’t think you are “saving” money when you are finally broke and have no money to spend anymore or without new income. I noticed some comments people made seem to suggest they thought I’m quitting “right now” and ending this blog. Rest assured, I’ll still be building Gunplas and reviewing them at full force until my backlog of 15 or however many MG I have left clears which no doubt will take the rest of the year. And I thank you all for the supportive feedbacks ^^.

Anyone else pinching on Gundam this year for whatever reason?

Reusing an old image since I thought it’s appropriate for this post ^^;

Unrelated Subject: *Sigh* Didn’t have the time to complete Sinanju’s review by the end of last week. Three months into the year and still not a single review yet ^^;. February only had a week’s worth of posts. It’s been hectic… papers due, exams, studies, and all that good stuff raining down. With everyone encouraging me to take my time on Sinanju, I couldn’t help but to do just that and I’m putting in extra effort into the photoshoot ^^; (hence why I’m taking so long). Do let me know if there are poses you want to see the Sinanju in or whatever questions you want me to cover. I’ll try to get it all in.


30 thoughts on “Gunpla Pinching

  1. AceWhatever, good links there. Gotta save it for reference. Thanks for sharing ^^

    Ed, Gotta show that 00 Raiser on your blog man! ^^

    Siroh32, happy belated birthday! One of the main reasons why I don’t even look at Gundam figures is because they generally suck in terms of everything. Don’t let the Ver. Ka get you down, there are better ones out of there ^^;.

    Eyeshield, restraint is the key! Just gotta put on the shackles and never escape!

    Neosonic, what’s this gaogaigar model you speak of? I’d sure love to see that built :D and yea, we’re definitely exercising the same “restraint” practice. Gunplas are “wants”, not “needs”. Best of luck to you on holding out as well ^^

    Lilboibastard, it can wait.

    Gunstray, I’ve never stopped reviewing ^^;. I don’t think I’ll ever pick up a any macross models though. Only series I’ve watched was Macross 7.

    Laguna, just for the hip pistols? Not for the giant laser barrels?!

    Sbhboi, that’s still nice. Buying BB and HGs are pretty harmless ^^

  2. @ Z: The giant pew pew laser barrels are a bit too long for my taste. It sorta spoils the ‘balanced’ look of GN Arms. I’m a big fan of that pose where dynames opens his defence shield partially to use his double pistols john-woo style.

    hmmm HGUC Nu HWS coming soon…a great temptation there. always wanted to achieve double fin funnel nu gundam (i already have one HGUC nu). HWS Nu will look awesoem without its fin funnel me think.

  3. I have also start saving money and have reduced my want-list of gunpla for this year to 00 Raiser,Sinanju, Astrea Type F,Zaku ver.2.0 and maybe one or two more kits. I only hope that rate of yen and dolar will change since now buying gunpla for me is quite expensive hobby, for example in last year I bought MG Zeta ver 2.0 I paid about 140zl (Polish currency) and if I would like to buy it right now I would have to pay around 212zl, so it’s almost twice expensive then before… :/

  4. Z, thanks for that. Though my birthday is around six days from now; I just opened up my present a little earlier. And I just posted two more cents on the GFF I have on your review of the figure.

    But I must say that MSIAs are pretty good in durability and some basic articulation. EMSIAs are even better in articulation, though I feel at the expense of some durability. I’d still at least try out some simpler ones (if you don’t have a stand for a couple back-heavy ones like Freedom Gundam). Still, I wish they’d put front and back skirt armor on hinges or something rather than make it all one piece and risk warping the skirt armor a bit too much (though I’ve only had that happen for an older MSIA a couple years back).

    Even though I’m more than happy of trying something bigger (1/144 models, and later, 1/100 models), I might try out HCM pro figures later. But given your sour experience with three, I might not. Though the Gundam W HCM-Pro figures look quite good; they do Okawara’s designs (and Katoki’s Tallgeese design) justice.

  5. Laguna, oh yea… can’t believe i forgot about the double FF Nu. I feel that the HGUC HWS looks a bit plain due to lack of decals for it and I’ve always seen that design littered with markings.

    Paliodor, the value of the yen is slowly creeping back down but still pretty high. The high yen was also a little factor for me because I don’t like the feeling of having to pay even more to import ^^;

    Siroh, yea you can skip on the HCM-Pro. You’re not missing anything ^^;. I see that you collect figures along the lines of playability. HCM-Pros that trait but are just too brittle to worth it. If I collect figures, it’s for display purposes only so it just needs to look good (hence GFF) so (lack of) articulation/playability doesn’t bother me. I looked into EMSiA once, and only once, and never looked back. I find them to be some of the ugliest renditions (design and proportions) of Gundams I’ve ever seen ^^;.

  6. Well, I could agree when it comes to the RX-78-2 (I got the one in real type colors), but that’s how Okawara basically designed it before others started modernizing it (including Katoki). It’s not the best-looking EMSIA Gundam in town; I’d hand that to Wing Gundam Zero (EW ver.), even though it’s not perfect. My old MSIA version of WGZ had not-so-great proportions and decent basic articulation.
    And articulation is something to look for in a figure or a finished model; it can make for good poses for displaying, or just having fun with a camera, or for other reasons. As I’ve mentioned before in your Sinanju review, it seemed you had a little fun in the case of the models. :)

    If you do get an EMSIA, be prepared for ease in how posable the thing is when compared to normal MSIA or even other figures. I’d at least recommend Wing Zero for aesthetics, articulation, and other pizazz. If you don’t have a stand for it, the back wings can be used to keep the figure from falling backwards.

  7. He4x… it’s not a good gaogaigar kit I reckon. It is made by aoshima, needs glue and paint to complete it. I don’t think it has better quality than kotobukiya’s.
    That’s why I don’t really want to finish it… I might need another 5-6 hours of painting… I’m not that patient.. :p

  8. Z, hope you can do a review of MG Gundam MK II ver 2.0 & Strike Freedom one day. Anyway, thx for ur reviews and Gunpla photos.

  9. haha. say my pay when i start working next time in term of yen would be 80,000yen. PG Astray 18,900 yen equals to quarter of my salary! that’s even crazier so us who are living in the so called third world country. I’m slowly down to the extend of taking a hiatus for gunpla due to the recession. Still have MG Sinanju, HGUC Sazabi and HG 00 Raiser pending in my to buy list. u anyway I’m too busy for university now and i don’t even have the time to blog… zzz. PG Aile Strike still labelled as S.W.I.P…

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