18 thoughts on “MG Sinanju- The Complete Review

  1. Badass work, I can only imagine how much dedication that it took to put all those decals on. A break is certainly well-deserved. :)

  2. Rady, we can all say that again (FINALLY!) ^^;. Thank you.

    Busterbeam, hai. domo! ^^

    Lupes, it took more guts to paint the gold than applying water slide decals xD.

  3. looks good i never would have the Patience to paint or put all those decals on. if i had one it would be put together slap foil stickes on done.

  4. WOW.

    Z… compared to the Shin Musha… how much more difficult would you rate building the Sinanju? Wanna get an idea of how much pain building this MG would be before deciding whether to dive in… ^_^

  5. Eyeshield, Thanks. No time to sleep. TIme for next projecT!

    Paliodor, Thank you ^^

    Dredhawk, in that case, i think it might even look better without the foils all together ^^;

    Cmos, hmm… in terms of completing (decals, painting, etc), Shin Musha is rather EASY compare to Sinanju. If just snap fit, Shin Musha is a little more annoying with that one-piece leg frame ^^;

  6. Judging from your review, I am not surprised you are having Gunpla burnout issues. Every once in a while a model comes along that completely saps my will to continue building gunpla. For me it was my MG Freedom. What you need is a relatively simple build to clear the mothballs and get you motivated again. Unfortunately, it also has to have a certain coolness factor to it.

    It is too bad you removed the Acguy from your wish list. I just completed it and it was a great experience. Simple to construct, paint and decal, yet it has great articulation and really cool gimmicks. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to get out of a modeling funk.

  7. I thot the MG Freedom was easy but of course i dint put all the stickers and decals on. I don’t because do you see all the decals in the show on the suits nop. The once that burn me out are the Perfect grades. once you build a PG the others are easy. iv built 3 PG MBF-02 Strike Rouge, PG RX-78-2 Gundam, PG MS-06S Zaku II Chars suit.

  8. Oh yeah Z, do you order sinanju’s waterslide decals from HLJ Too? If so, is it possible to order decals that not on their list? In my case, i want to get one more for my macross kit Cause there are many damage on it.
    And i heard, even we can order any kit runner too?

  9. Wicked job man that thing looks amazing :) You really slayed the beast,must of took you a century to make it,not to mention to put every single step and picture you did on this posts so you need to be honored for your valiant effort,hand claps for you Sir.Z haha :)

  10. Darth Mingus, of all things, I’m actually trying to keep Acguy on my list ^^; Shipping the little guy to me can cost around 50-60 dollars though o_0

    dredhawk, I remember the MG Freedom was a breeze even WITH putting the decals on. It just makes the model look cooler ^^.

    Eyeshield, yea I picked it up from HLJ right before they went out of stock. You should try emailing them to see if you can order stuff not on their list… including spare runners (I did that once for my Zeta 2.0)

    Roy, haha thanks man ^^;

    Lupes, no problem. hope to see more Gundams from you ^^

    Gordon,thanks. I noticed I haven’t I seen anything Gundam from you lately too ^^; time to light up that passion!

  11. late congratulations here on your completion of the MG Sinanju. Great work and a real commendable effort put in there to see through the project finally. :)

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