My Very First Master Grade


The next project will be my very first Master Grade model- The RX-78GP03S “Stamen”.


Built this Gundam back around 2001. Bought it in Chinatown’s Elizabeth Center (Gundam Heaven there) before moving out of NYC. This model took me only overnight to complete and the result is what you see above. I couldn’t care less about nub marks, panel lines, and all that; the ideas never crossed my mind. I was having a blast just snapping this thing together.


First time building a Gunpla of this caliber. Gradually figured out how to apply the decals after screwing up a couple. V-fin broke (it’s so thin!) after a few months. Still love this model though. It was my very first MG. I didn’t have a clue as to what this Gundam is and I just bought it for its technical aesthetics compared to everything else around it.


I’ve come a long way in building Gunpla since then. Now I can finally start on my very first MG… again.

36 thoughts on “My Very First Master Grade

  1. Well, I want to finish my Gundam 00 series HGs and 1/100 before starting on a MG. Sharpen my skills more.

    ….Yeah, I’m taking my sweet time building. Not much time really with my college assignments. So, when I build, I really enjoy it.

  2. Wait… You mean you bought another GP03S even though you already had 1? Don’t tell me you bought it just for the cutting mat/mouse pad… XD

    Shall wait for your final product to see if this MG is worth the consideration…

  3. Z, I just want to thank you for the concern regarding the EW kits just a couple hours shy of my first day of being 23. Well, unless the timezone isn’t EST (which I hadn’t bothered checking if it is). :)

    I have a feeling I’ll have to be using paint for both EW kits, and I have a feeling if I try that, I’d be revisiting both models pretty fast should I be more skilled at modeling. But that would make Katoki’s EW designs look decent next to my GFF I’m playing around with at the moment. Stickers/decals will be a pain to apply too; I’ll have to learn how to use tweezers or something to handle that.

  4. My first MG was Hyper mode God Gundam, dear god the bastard took me a whole week and it didn’t require paneling/painting to begin with.
    off course that was after I made more HG’s then I can recall.

  5. My first MG was Wing Zero Custom, I really enjoyed putting it together and it was my first time using dry transfers (learned from my mistakes on how to use them)

  6. Awesome! I’m thinking of getting this. I love backstuff(Gerbera gundam, hee hee).
    The fins and verniers on the back of this make me drool. Anyways, can you take pictures showing how far the elbows and knees can bend please? thanks.

  7. Neosonic, woah… a green tallgeese… that’s new xD

    Paliodor, the strike was impressive when it first came out because it was one of the first to sell on articulation ^^

    Chris, Yup. best is to take your sweet time and sharpen those skills! I went at this MG with just building like five 1/00 HG EW models ^^;

    Alex, I didn’t know it comes with a mouse pad when I ordered it ^^;

    Siroh32, I used to have the 1/144 EW Nataku so I know how much they need to be painted ^^ It sucked big time. I’d say the 1/144 EW models need professional painting to even look decent because the color molding is just that bad. Oh yea, tweezers work wonders! Definitely pick one up!

    Q, that’s still an impressive collection even looking at it now ^^

    Saito, really? I thought that model went by pretty quick. No weapons to build and all that haha

    Tachikaze, I didn’t know what the decals were when I first saw them ^^

    Acedude, You can check out Dalong’s for that ^^

  8. Z, well it was the first time I had an inner frame model (most older HG didn’t have that) that and I didn’t wanted to scratch the gold layer.
    chipping away at it with a hobby knife and vile can be time consuming ^^;

  9. OMG, that site is now officially my favorite for deciding whether to get a kit. It satisfies my needs for articulation limits, and more! awesome. Although their panel lines are a bit dark. blech, is that what inspired you to stick to light lines as close as possible?

    Well, my first master grade is supposed to be a RX-78-2 One Year War Animation Color.
    I personally picked that model and color as an 18th birthday gift from the philippines seeing as how they’re in asia and a relative was coming over back to this continent and could bring my gift with her.
    BUT it still hasn’t arrived and is late by 2 months!!
    Because she is “busy”, seriously how long does it take to drop off a box at the post office???
    AGH. I come home everyday and nothing.
    Some relief will come when my neighbor will order 2 HGUC Powered and Cold GM’s cause he still owes me a birthday present, but I really want that RX-78.

    And I’m going to asia in about 2 weeks. So even then I can’t get/buy it b/c it’ll still be in Canada!
    Looks like a GP03, GP01 FB, or a Shin Zaku 2.0 will be my first MG if that 78 don’t come in the mail soon.

    Well, I do have a 20th anniversary RX-78 sitting in my closet, I don’t wanna build it because it looks so ugly. Shiny and out of proportiony. I may build just the core fighter seeing as how the OYW don’t come with one.
    Core fighters also make me drool. I seem to have a wing fetish.

  10. I miss read what you said. any ways i have quit a few book shelf i use for the smaller once the PG i put on top off the Book shelf or on top of my tv.

  11. S-Destiny kit got so much weak spot, now my SF & Destiny just on the shelf untouched after a series of broke here broke there just by posing it..scary huh ? & I did pose very VERY carefully, but still it broke, dang.

    I’m much impressed with Turn A though, no MG had me impress that much, the leg, the gimmicks, gosh it’s so wonderful ! Pity no PET parts for Moonlight Butterfly effect though. =D

  12. My first MG is Zeta ver 2.0….(Yea i know i started very late with MGs). As for my first gunpla, it was a 1/144 scale Gundam MkII. I can’t remember much now, but i think i wanted a kit of it right after i saw an episode of MkII kicking ass on tv, so on that night my dad went out with me to get a mkII kit or figure. Man I was absolutely dumbfounded when I opened the box because the whole entire kit was molded in green, dreaded PUKE GREEN. Gawd was I disappointed, since you can’t expect a 4 year old to do a decent job on that thing. ~_~ I pretty much only collected gundam action figures as toddler because that mkII totally turned me off from model kits.

  13. Wow, it looks rather nice for your first MG unlike my Strike(if you remember my first comment on this blog). XP

    My first Gunpla kit was the 1/144 Gundam Astray(not HG, just the normal cheap one). I bought that when I was still in primary school since it was cheap and was easy to build. Unluckily, the thing broke at some places and lost one of the shoulder parts(younger sibling + touch = o.o).

    My first HG happens to be the al-Saachez’s AEU Enact Custom(blue one).

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