Not really a “review” but out of boredom, I took out the figure that my friends got me for my last birthday and snap a few shots:D. Cute little girl but I have no idea how to talk about it. I also realized  I don’t know to take photos of humans ^^;. I believe this is a “mecha musume” or something. Not really my thing but it’s interesting to try other otaku stuff every now and then xD.Well, feel free to check it out if you’re interested. Nice to see something random here every once in awhile xD.

Gallery here

Seattle road trip tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Re2200

  1. Whoa, finally take a step to another “toys” Z? Hehehe.
    I too actually want to try another figures other than Plamo, but really stuck at the price. ^^; They are freaking expensive!

    Oh yeah, your hits have reached 300k ! Congrats! So fast here

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