GP03S WISP: Core Fighter


Those in the know about 0083 will probably go “wtf? Why is there a core fighter?” in the GP03S ^^;.  The original design of the GP03S has the core block system but the idea was scrapped because…hey, if something can overpower the GP03D, then the Gp03S should scram out of the battlefield ASAP ^^;. So it makes sense. Yea. That’s all I have done so far. Core fighter, arms, and legs. I thought I could probably finish this model without making WISP posts. Guess not ^^;. Glad how easy this model is compared to Sinanju is though. Will definitely be done before the end of the month.

Looking back at december, I seriously have no idea how I was able to find something to post everyday… well, more to come later ^^.


16 thoughts on “GP03S WISP: Core Fighter

  1. great to see you back @ working on gunpla again after your break from Sinanju.

    I on the other hand, seems to be suffering from writer’s blog/burnout. Can’t figure what to start or what to write on for the past 2 weeks. :s

  2. Reminds me of when I built my MG Freedom a few months ago. My last crazy hard project was the 1/72 VF-25 and then I fully completed the Freedom in 8 hours and I was like “WTH! That was easy…” O_o

  3. A good start after the “living hell” build of Sinanju. I think me too also get the taste of the sinanju build now…after few weeks then got the mood to build any kits..which currently I did my FG Rasiel…gosh.

  4. Whoa, sorry for not noticing. I thought you just opened your old box and post it Z^^;
    so, you have another GP03s at your backlogs?
    And it has core fighter? I didn’t know that before hehe. In SRW game, if Dendrobium destroyed, stamen will remain. And if stamen got destroyed, Kou is dead ^^;
    Good luck!

  5. Well, as far as the Core Fighter concept goes, maybe it was the cockpit. Did any of you see the fourth “Gundam Evolve” short? It’s around six minutes long, there’s an entry on GE in Wikipedia, a review on MAHQ, and I’m sure it’s still on YouTube somewhere.

    Looking good so far, Z. I can imagine you snapping photos of the finalized top-coated version of it just drifting around. I can’t quite say I could do the same with my Altron (which is looking pretty good so far).

  6. Jacques, count me in on the blog burnout part xD

    AceWhatever, yea.. the Freedom IS pretty easy for a MG ^^.

    Sbhboi, congratulations on finishing your Sinanju ^^. The gold trims are really, really, REALLY smooth!

    Eyeshield, I give out very subtle hints :). And yea, the core fighter was just a concept and was never implemented into the Gundam.

    Siroh32, nice call on drifting part xD. That’s exactly what I had in mind (I come up with stuff for the photoshoot as I progress along otherwise I might take forever to think of what to shoot ^^;). This thing can’t really do much anyway…

  7. after assembling Sinanju, any other MG would look like a piece of cake ^^
    I haven’t really started assembling mine since I haven’t got much time…

    can’t wait for the finished GP03… and I never realized that GP03 actually have a core fighter ^^

  8. Z, It wasn’t hard to guess when you commented similarly on your GFF GP03 figure. :p It does good drifting, but I think it’s not bad-looking when seen in motion as well; be it seeing it in the OVA it’s in, Gundam vs. Gundam, or in the Gundam Evolve short I was talking about (which sees the Orchis in action too).

  9. Nice to see new post Z. So far work on this core fighter is looking good. It would be great to see GP03S in 2.0 version ^^ .
    I’m still thinking what model should I buy next. I was thinking about 1/100 00 Raiser but then I discovered that there will be 1/100 00 Raiser Designer’s Color Ver.(Light unit for the head and GN Sword III included)…
    Really hate Bandai strategy of releasing the same model in many versions. Dunno if I should still wait few months since maybe they will release some other ver. of this kit… :/

  10. Hahahaha. I really didn’t notice it Z. So, its only at MG version then. Ah…really envy you Z. I hope i have backlogs like that. Hehehe.

    @paliodor, really?? When it will be released? I though they are evil enough when they announced 1/144 00raiser trans am ver. With gn sword 3. ^^;

  11. I don’t think I fully understand what you’re doing. You built this kit long ago and you’re redoing it now? or you bought this kit long and and are just building it now?

    i also didnt know that the gp03 had a corefighter. looks pretty cool.

  12. Durandal, yea… this model sure feels effortless compared to Sinanju- “Wow so little work!”

    Siroh32, if I remember 0083 right… I don’t think I’ve ever seen this Gundam in action except in the OP >_>

    Sbhboi, It looks great. That’s what I meant ^^

    Paliodor, Bandai’s release patterns are going above ridiculous now so I’d say it’s VERY safe (and smart) to wait till like the end of the year or something. Good thing I didn’t order the original 1/144 00 Raiser…

    Eyeshield, I think the new 00 Raiser model comes out next month. You can check Ngee Khiong ^^

    Busterbeam, I’m building another GP03S. Ordered it along with Sinanju ^^.

  13. Z: Well, my memory’s not perfect. At least it’s seen action in some other things I’ve mentioned. And I found the GE short I mentioned on YouTube:

    You can see the Stamen in action briefly before Orchis comes to do the heavy workload.

  14. With Sianju being one of the latest and craziest MG out there, going back to the old ones would hopefully be a nicer cruise for you~

    Speaking of which, I still wonder what MG to get if I were to get one, still too into 1/144 though (because then I could get them together with my military stuff) :P

  15. Siroh32, I watched that years ago and never wanted to look at it again because the ending was just…depressing ^^;. Forgot that the GP03S actually saw some brief action (though it looks like your generic UC choreography).

    Q, Start with one of your favorite Gundams ^^.

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