GP03S WISP: Panel Lines… and Effort

ITT, a little work on the panel lines can do wonders… :)


oh, and also… a little nub cleaning is totally worth the effort ^^;


Spot the differences?


original backpack vs Core Block backpack. Which do you prefer?


I’m actually still not done with the model yet >_>


But this is a courtesy reminder that a little more effort does go a long way :D



25 thoughts on “GP03S WISP: Panel Lines… and Effort

  1. Siroh32, slapping the RX-78-2 Ver. Ka armor on the OYW eh? That sounds intriguing… maybe I should give that a little try sometimes…

    Gz390, that’s all actually ^^.

  2. Well, again, I knew of similar ideas before on a couple of forums, but the specific one I mentioned I found here:

    (snap fit test) RX-78-2 Ver.ka

    So maybe such a kitbash could work out well? *shrug* In any case, either I’ll ignore the warning and get an RX-78 ver. Ka just so I can go “Ooooh! Aaaah!” and later find out something which you can stick out your tongue and say, “I told you so!” Though by your reviews of Wing ver. Ka (both GFF and MG) it sort-of became that way, but the GFF’s grown on me, so… *shrug* Or I can get the RX-78 later under better circumstances and kitbash away.

    Well, I hope you enjoyed the digression in this GP03S entry that has been bumped down recently. I’ll now go “Ooooh! Aaaah! I wish I was as good as you are!” on your finalized GP03S entry. :)

  3. My two cents, Z:

    As far as the core fighter goes, maybe it did have one installed, yet had to be replaced for a given reason. I could cite Gundam Evolve #4 again, but we’ve been through that before. *shrug* Though I think Yoshiyuki Tomino could easily 1-up that with a more-depressing story. :p Anyhow, I don’t see having a core fighter necessarily as being redundant, but rather as a secondary “Get out of death free!” card if the Stamen couldn’t survive pursuit or combat itself. If the core fighter was installed, the pilot would eject from it as he/she did the Stamen from the Orchis, and have a little better luck as an even smaller target running away faster than a poor ol’ RB-79 Ball. Think of it like one of those box or egg toys that has a smaller box/egg inside it, and another box/egg inside, and so on, but as a means of escaping.

    About articulation and a couple other things… I was going to ask about comparing the two, but you noted something similar in your review of the GFF version, even though you seemed a little more optimistic about the MG’s articulation. And as to the verdict, I would take your word for it (especially after asking about the GFF and MG Wing), and I do agree that it does look pretty nice for being a little more utilitarian and simple rather than more gracious-looking (such as Wing or Sinanju).
    Still, I can’t quite see your opinion as to Katoki’s redesign of the RX-78-2 Gundam. It may not have a blue/white color scheme as pleasing as GP03S’s, or be as utilitarian-but-rounded and graceful (and have large rear thrusters), but Katoki’s RX-78-2 is still a more modernized, streamlined version of Okawara’s original design that’s a little more pleasing, not unlike what Katoki has done for other designs. I even think it’s a little better looking than the OYW version (even though it does pose better), and your reasoning of getting the GP03S can fit well in this case too. And if you want a little more chubby-looking Gundam, why not have a look at the RX-78NT-1 Gundam “Alex”? But I guess it’s a matter of opinion and taste. *shrug* However, you have more experience with getting and building these models than I ever had currently, so I guess it wouldn’t be the best of ideas to exactly go toe-to-toe with your own opinions that are based on experience.

    But I do have a question or two: Have you ever thought of one day getting the HGUC version of the GP03S? And as to your next project (I’m referring to a posted comment of yours in the “Panel Lines and Effort” WISP entry), by version 2.0, do you mean the more anime/Okawara-looking RX-78 MG that came out a year ago?

  4. Umm…


    Wrong entry. Ugh. I guess I can’t keep tabs on my tabs anymore, so to speak. *sigh* I guess I’ll repost the above in the more appropriate entry.

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