GP03S WISP: Final


Now on to the photoshoot and review…



19 thoughts on “GP03S WISP: Final

  1. Insert “Ooooh! Aaaaah! I wish I had the modeling skills you have! And resources, and countless models yet to be built, and so on…” here. :)

    Though I would’ve thought you might’ve not resisted sneaking in a “I’m drifting in the middle of nowhere…” photo or two in and save the better photos for the actual review.

  2. Z!!!

    I am in asia right now, philippines. there are at least 3 stores in every mall that have an entire wall of gundam models. Some stores have walls, plural.
    I’m in heaven. I went and got all the ones I’ve been drooling over.
    And yet, there are still more to go on my list.
    I’ve already spent over 200 dollars, but gotten a 10 percent discount because I was a “valuable customer”.
    GP03S, GP01 FB, Guncannon, Shin 2.0, RX-79BD-3, Zeta A1….
    Still got more to go, Gelgoog 2.0, and they even have Gaplant Hrairoo’s! I must get one. They also have the old kits that are sold out everywhere online.

    And to think all this ain’t coming out of my pocket…..I love the philippines.

  3. The colors and the shield reminds me of Gundam Astraea, its amazing how panel lines could really bring out how good the gunpla really is..

    @ AceDudeyeah

    Where do you buy your gunpla? Exact Location and Name of the Store please.. And please don’t say something like “Dood.. It’s in Manila, Philippines”. LOL

  4. Oh yeah! I still can’t get over the fact that I like this so much due to its reference to the original Gundam, except a little more modified.

    @eyesshield30: I thought Crossbone is the smallest main character Gundam?


    I am just in the philippines for a while.
    go to festival mall and they have multiple hobby model shops.
    I drooled when I finally could recognize and know and buy the gundam models I could only research about from the U.S.

    Don’t be sidetracked by the “hobby” shops that don’t even have model kits.
    “great toys” was the store I just exploded on a gunpla spree on.
    They give you a discount for buying in cash. Here’s a hint from me to you. Buy multiple kits then ask if you can get a bigger discount, like 10% for buying multiple. if u get a no, ask them to ask the store owner. you’ll most likely get it.
    say you were referred by the guy that asked for the ordered rx-78 one year war. is also a great place, but I haven’t taken the time to know how to get around. I prefer the thrill of the hunt. If I got the site name wrong, just google “great toys online”. they also ship to the u.s. for 20 dollars, but that’s not for me…

  6. oh, yeah. eyeshield, I never got why they had to use a gundam to pilot the dendrobium.
    sure it’s cool. but why not just build a 1-piece mobile armor that requires a pilot? what if the gp03s gets destroyed?
    Can any regular mobile suit pilot it?
    haha. halo video games: hijack. Hold x to kick stamen out of enemy dendrobium.
    Then it’s a zock piloting it.

  7. Beamknight, thanks ^^

    Q, you might be right xD

    Siroh32, no modeling skills required. Just a cutter and panel line marker gets the job done here ^^;

    Acedude, very lucky man… you’re very lucky. Wish I was there. Hope you have more fun ^^.

    Eyeshield, it’s the same height as the RX-78-2 so…not too short.

    Mkuain, my thoughts exactly. I like how it doesn’t have the white/blue/red/yellow color going (well, it does but not really)

    Joe, no awkwardness because it’s true! ^^

    Chris, RX-78-2 fan? :D

  8. Oh yeah? Hehe. You haven’t compared it yet, so i dunno ^^

    @chris, um…yeah that’s rite i forgot
    @acedude, maybe y should watch the anime…it’s worst case scenario i think.

  9. Well, forgive me for going off-topic, Z, but I noticed your latest blurb, and I’m not sure how to exactly react other than to wish you luck and hope nothing bad happens.

  10. Paliodor, thanks. full review is up too :)

    Eyeshield, just got randomly selected for jury duty. Nothing much. All is well. Not sure if it is in other countries but here, citizens get selected randomly to become jurors. You sit in the assembly room to be randomly selected again to hear trials and determine other people’s lives. I don’t mind lending a hand in serving justice but the idea of sitting in a room for up to 10 hours doing nothing seems like a huge waste of time (if not selected to hear a trial).

  11. Can’t comment on your latest post (due to certain reasons), but I just want to tell you that cancelling the GFFMC might have been one of the much worthwhile decisions you’ve made there – I’ve heard a lot of flaming on forums lately concerning that…

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