WIP: 1/1 RX-78-2 Gundam


Not my model obviously ^^;. Picked up this news tidbit from none other than Danny Choo (who picked it up from Gundam.info). I’m sure most of you already know of this project already so I don’t have to say what everyone else already said. Nonetheless, I’m very impressed. What grade would this model be labeled as? xD


Like how it is built just like its Gunpla counterpart xD. I wonder how they clean up the nub marks…


Only one thing came to mind when I saw this: There’s going to be a MG RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. 2.0 Ver. Tokyo. *sigh*

MG Sword Impulse GET!


Weee… I finally have a MG Sword Impulse xD.

Just realized that even though you can combine the two Excaliburs from the Force Impulse model, the Gundam itself can’t really hold it with two hands because there are no slots for the left hand to plug into (the real MG Sword Impulse has modified Excaliburs where it does have slots).


With the Excaliburs combined, the weight is really punishing on the right arm; the hands can barely hold onto the sword. Not to mention the length is overly long to make any creative pose without support. I was hoping for some aerial poses but the left hand is useless as it can’t even hold onto one sword alone.


So adding another Excalibur from another Force Impulse to the Force Impulse doesn’t really work out. As it stands now, only the MG Sword Impulse can be the Sword Impulse. ^^;

Some new goodies…

Just two little things I picked up a couple of days ago…


Was surprised at how big SD Raiser’s box is. It’s the size of a regular HG 1/144! I think that’s the biggest I’ve ever seen for a SD model ^^;


Picked up May’s issue of Dengeki Hobby just for the Astray stickers and the Gunpla Parts Separator. The separator is basically just a board made of the same yellow plastic from the RX-78-2 models with a wedge to pry open whatever you want. Hope I don’t have to use this tool too much; you must suck at following directions if you have to use this a few times for one model. The board will definitely make a great sanding stick though! ^^

Seems like I might disappear over the weekend again…



Straight to the point first, MG RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. 2.0’s review is finally done! Whew… about time I got that taken care of. Wow… that sudden MIA was certainly unexpected ^^;. Seems like all of a sudden everything just decided to rain down on me and had me crushed for awhile. I really should stop making ETA for my reviews because life just love toying with me every time I do and delay it as much as possible but one day… one day… I’ll be able to overcome this problem and actually get out a review on the day I said I would!

Now for my next project, I’m going to start on my other MG Impulse immediately. Seeing how the weather is finally clearing up, I need to take advantage of this and work as fast as I can to spray on the top coat. There’ll be no WISP post this time because… well, there’s already a completed MG Force Impulse so you’ll just be looking at the same thing all over again ^^;. I’ll be posting about many other Gundam things instead. Will just post up review when I’m done!

Which RX-78-2?


If you ask me, I definitely prefer the Ver. OYW design over the others. Currently doing the photoshoot right now and hopefully get the review up by Saturday. Thanks to a certain MG that set me back three months, I’m really behind with my resolution of clearing my backlog ^^;. Need to speed things up a little here.

I’ve been thinking of changing the blog’s theme soOoOo… if you can, please take a moment to let me know your screen resolution in the poll to the left. It should only take a second. It lets me know how  I should set up the pages and everything so it looks best for the majority of you. Thanks!



Some were wondering what the little green thing was a couple of post down. This is Dampachi, TEIN’s mascot who is actually a damper (seriously…?). They make aftermarket suspension parts for cars. Funny how Japanese companies always seem to have a cute mascot no matter how serious their business is xD.

Here’s my Gundam car when it still had the 4×4 height (’07):


Dropped on TEIN SS Coilovers (’08):


No wheel gap ^^. Also love how firm it made the car and listening to my friends complaining about how “harsh” the ride is :D

Here’s a few shots that someone photoshopped:


Target Goal:


With all the mods I’ve done and want to do, I think this will be the longest WISP out of all my projects… xD

hmm… Summer is coming… hope the mod bug won’t bite…