Project V


To celebrate with Bandai’s 30th Anniversary this month, my next project will be the GN-000 0 Gundam RX-78-2 Gundam Ver 2.0. Fitting isn’t it? xD. If you thought the GP03S is plain and simple, then you’re gonna love this one :D. This is quite possibly THE plainest MG out there but fortunately there’s some fun factor here in the form of articulation. I can’t decide if I want to keep it true to its anime appearance though… as in, not using decals and using black panel lines (my preference is gray on white).


Anyone wanna explain why the Bandai made the javelin effect parts clear? Doesn’t really matter since they’re just gonna turn red…


APRIL FOOL’S: Ah… I can’t help but grin at the number of people getting ricktrooperrolled in my last post ^^;. I wanted to do a more elaborate prank but guess I can save that for next year… har har.


15 thoughts on “Project V

  1. Looks to me like there wouldn’t be a huge difference either way you go about it. Dalong didn’t even bother posting a straight build photo (or maybe he forgot).

    Don’t know about simplicity though. The skirt armor by itself looks to be a handful, but I guess that doesn’t seem like much to you after the red monstrosity.

  2. You want to make it like 0 gundam ? >o<
    Is the effect parts like beam saber part? Or just like clear parts for eye?
    I think, it is the best articulated mg despite the retro design ^^
    maybe even surpassed sinanju? Can’t wait your review!

  3. Great choice for your next MG!

    About the ricktrooperrolled thing, actually I can see where the link leads to (youtube) when I put the mouse over the link, but of course, even if anybody notices this, they will still want to know what video it is. And yes, I was April-fooled by you too.
    Lesson learnt: In the future, I won’t click on shortcut links of your reviews. XP

  4. Wow that’s it in terms of number of runners? That’s much fewer than I’d expect, as the only time I’ve built an MG was a Strike Noir for my friend, and this looks as if it’s for the latest no grade 1/100 gunpla o_O

  5. Acewhatever, i meant the simplicity of the design… just compare it to the RX-78-2 OYW xD.

    Paliodor, it seems internally complicated though ^^;

    Eyeshield, effect parts… yea, they are like the beams for beam sabers and such.

    Chris, haha ^^

    Q, the RX-78-2 ver. ka has even less- 10 runners including the beam saber and PC parts!

  6. wow, the number of runners are really little as compared to the MGs released before it. This MG would be good for de-stress if anyone is feeling stressed or burnt-out at the moment.

  7. Great pick, Z! Makes me feel a little ashamed about planning to build a MG Crossbone X1 this month. Maybe I’ll buy both if I can afford it.

  8. Well, I didn’t really fall for the April Fools joke (date and the little “URL Preview” bar at the bottom of my Firefox browser). I did actually try something similar a year or two back. :) I didn’t really celebrate it this year, aside from being a minor victim of it on a site I started visiting recently, but that’s no biggie.

    While I like the RX-78-2, the more it strays to being closer to the anime design of Kunio Okawara, the more I’m not as fond of. I like the design, I like Okawara for even designing the very mecha that spawned an entire franchise and countless fan sites, but the design seen in the anime doesn’t really age well. I could go further (and I actually have, but I was going on and on so I went backspace-happy), but I’d just go in a circle in attempting to best explain my tastes/opinions further than what I already have. I will point out that the worst-looking part of the aesthetics of the 2.0 model is the tiny round feet. It just seems odd-looking compared to the more rounded ones of the more modern redesigns (or Katoki’s duck feet).

    But if it’s super-articulate and puts the more modern-looking Ver. Ka and even Ver. OYW models to shame, more power to you and the model. You did give me an idea (and I thank you for it, but if I look around maybe someone had beaten me to it by years): I’m thinking of gathering a couple of my RX-78-2 items, become photo-taking-happy, then have fun with Paint Shop Pro in cropping them and adding a text, and uploading it all as one big tall image (for each item) in a certain big photo/computer/drawing/art website.

  9. Oh, i see. So its only clear and no color?
    I saw dalong’s and truly amazed by its ability. Shame that the design too old for me^^;
    if compared with v.OYW, which is superior?

  10. Hey, just wanted to let you know I added you to my links. I am very impressed by your Gunpla. Not so much by your building skills (the kits are just OOB but still looking good though!), but by your photo’s! Awesomest how much pictures you take, I like too see all those different poses.

    I am now bussy with a Nemo, but after that one of these baby’s will be next I think.

    Keep on rockin’!

  11. Siroh32, The 2.0 is intended to look like the original (i.e back in 1979) so I’m guessing our eyes are already used to the sharper, edgier “modern” mechs ^^. Like the GP03S has looks over articulation, the G2.0 has articulation over looks. About your project, it sounds great for a wallpaper :D

    Eyeshield, The 2.0 looks pretty superior in articulation already…for sure

    Pim, thanks for checking by. I’ll add you too. Amazing paint work on the Kampfer.

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