RX-78-2 2.0 WISP: Core Fighter and Body


Amazing how many itty bitty pieces there are in this model. There might be only 11 runners but wow, the pieces are tiny!


The body mechanisms are gunpla engineering at its finest. I so didn’t want to put on the outer armor panels…


14 thoughts on “RX-78-2 2.0 WISP: Core Fighter and Body

  1. I know what you mean. The frame on the Nemo is also such great piece of engineering. And that core fighter really fits in the chest?

  2. I see what you mean on the engineering part on the body. It’s really cool with all the pieces that connected together to move.

    Anyone who got this MG will appreciate the classic representation of this legendary mecha with modern sophisticated engineering!

  3. @ Pim: The core fighter does indeed fit into the chest and does not limit articulation at all. You can also attach the torso to the waste without the core fighter inside.

  4. Z, if I were you… I would leave the outer armor… display it just in inner frame…
    It’s too cool to be covered =(
    The outer armor is way too ordinary anyway… except if you have the clear version (which is the limited edition), than you can kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

  5. Busterbeam, definitely :D

    Pim, sure does.

    Chris, some might even be fooled that it’s a old 1/100 RX-78-2 ^^;

    Necro, I would not have built the core fighter if I knew it wasn’t needed to attach the body >_>

    Eyeshield, one core fighter is enough

    Neosonic, clear models are so ugly though xD

  6. Just finished this one recently myself, absolutely amazed the inner workings and articulation. Really felt like a shame to put the plating over all that fantastic detail, especially the Core Fighter! Maybe in time i’ll battle damage mine to show off some of the internals :)

  7. @ Z: The Gundam is much more stable with the core fighter inside of it than without. It does provide more support throughout the middle. Pretty much the four pegs you see on the bottom of the torso are what connects it to the waste. The core fighter and the torso do not connect to each other at all.

  8. I was looking around to find pictures of Heavyarms (mainly Ver. Ka, but I found results of all kinds), not only did I find a 1/144 Okawara one with Katoki Duck Feet and some Katoki-esque decals on the shield, but I found another entry of a completed RX-78-2 2.0. Unless frowned upon again, I really should recommend taking a look at the following:


    For being an anime-like model, this one is pretty good. It kind-of reminds me of a poster or image of one of the Gundam trilogy of movies back then (though if so, or close to it, I can’t put a finger onto it). Nevertheless, I like how that one was painted. And if you go through other models this guy’s made, it’s pretty amazing. There’s even a custom-built Epyon that is one of the best-looking Ver. Ka/Custom-ish ones I’ve seen (at least one that doesn’t look much different at first glance, that is).

    But for this entry, I thought I would point the URL to the images of that completed 2.0 model.

  9. James, Seeing your photos gave me a little more motivation to finish the model up ^^

    Necro, ah I see. Still, would’ve been nice if I didn’t have to build it xD

    Siroh32, wow… how do you find all these amazing sites? That modeler is pretty hardcore. Love the photos too (I can learn some new posing ideas ^^).

    Eyeshield, oh… it’s one core fighter that changes into core block.

  10. Well, Z, I usually look up MAHQ first (or my memory), then in quotes, web-search a specific mobile suit model number (I.E. “MS-07B”). Usually all kinds of pictures and websites pop up in an image search, and if I find the name of the mobile suit in a different language (I.E. “グフ” or “Gouf”), I search using that keyword and maybe a couple others. I usually find websites that way, thus the “ver. Ka” GW models (using B-Club kits) in the URL in your High Grade model list entry, or in this case, the 2.0 Gundam (even has a weird-but-real-impressive old-style-looking Gundam made from an MG RX-78-3, and brings a sort-of in-joke or pun with one of the models this guy’s built).

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