Carrier has arrived…


Words can’t describe how I felt when this arrived…



Such extravagant packaging for such little items O_O…


20 thoughts on “Carrier has arrived…

  1. Given the other new entry below, perhaps at least Sword Impulse (if not more)? :) A new GFF? A new 00 model? Another model to re-do and customize? I guess I’ll have to find out at the same Bat-Time and same Bat-Channel.

    By the way, while I can see the Strike Noir’s a good mobile suit design Batman would use, I thought a (maybe) slightly-modified Deathscythe Hell ver. Ka/EW/OVA/Custom (or even Okawara’s) would be better suited because of the cloak, sleekness and color scheme of the design, the weapons, and ruggedness of the armor make it a better melee unit.

  2. Good guesses everyone :)

    Siroh32, The Deathscythe Hell Kai works too! “soften” the wings to be more cape-like (Think WZC), paint it matte black all around, add some batarangs, and you’re good to go!

  3. Well, Z, I don’t think it’s necessary to make a mechanical cloak more cape-like such as the flexable angel-winged Wing Zero ver. Ka (which are essentially a bunch of thrusters reinforced by armor that can dobule as a shield for combat or re-entry). Whenever Bats pulled out a boat or plane, did it have flexable wings? Though the closest to looking like a cloak is Okawara’s original Deathscythe Hell design, thus why I also suggested it could work, but Katoki’s sleek design (cloak aside) has a more menacing appearance, and while I could agree with your suggested color scheme, I felt Katoki’s work as well, especially since Batman could scare a bunch of criminals in dark gray tights and a big cloak, right? And didn’t DSH’s cloak double as an actual invisible cloaking field for the suit?

    Ah, well. Too much psuedo-geekiness, maybe.

  4. After seeing the update… Wow… I didn’t expect SD Gundams (forgot you like to get and build those) and stands for such a big package. Plus that green thing I don’t recognize. I sure could use some stands for my figures and models, though.

  5. when you talk about the BB I thought you bought a full collection of Sangokuden or something. That is one huge box..

  6. Whoa thats an army of SD! I thought you said stop buying before? Hehe.

    I’m a fan of Deathscythe ever since i first knew Gundam! One thing it’s NOT a Bat! Don’t compare it with Batman gadgetry, its a gundam! Hehe, just my blabbering as a fan. ^^
    you know why its weapon is a big beam scissor? And you know why Duo Maxwell is well known as The God of Death? hehe, peace, just my opinion

  7. hehe Should’ve knew the box was too obvious so had to mess around with you all ^^; I did say “good guesses” ^^;
    The stuff above are just random stuff I grabbed around my room xD. The green plush is Dampachi, TEIN’s mascot (seriously…), the company that made my car’s aftermarket coilovers.

  8. Well, what makes Batman for me is not so much his gadgetry, but of how he’s supposed to be scary/intimidating to criminals he confronts. And the Deathscythe Hell ver. Ka fulfills that in appearance, does it not? I’ve even seen its cloak used on a kitbashed model (in some thread at Mechatalk; a forum I just lurk in) to represent a “Bat-Mobile Suit” or something. I wouldn’t think Bats would need so much gadgets on a mobile suit if he were to use one in his own little war he fights. *shrug* So, I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree on that, Eyeshield?

  9. haha we’re getting into how Batman’s mobile suit would function now too? It’s all for looks. I just thought of Strike Noir (and now DH) as Batman’s Gundam as a good joke from the color and accessories (grappling hooks and pointy v-fin on noir). Batman actually does have a psuedo-mobile suit I think… a giant exo-skeleton (a la tekkaman) in Batman Beyond.

  10. @Z, seriously? Not any new kit in there?
    -3- Batman beyond…Hmm, not a movie eh? An animated one maybe?

    @siroh, i kind of okay if Noir is a Batsuit cause of its gadget-like weapon, anchor, dual gun, black and grey color,etc. But not DH! Its just like Grim Reaper xD. No, just kidding. Hehe.

  11. Well, how grimmer (if that’s a word) can things look than a giant silhouette of bat wings and who knows what’s going with it coming for you from above, be it DH ver. Ka or Bats? :p

    I’d like to go on, but I’ve spun the entry into another topic too far already and we’re just not going to agree on pseudo-geeky things here, so how about we just drool all over what Z could do with a completed Astray, look at the latest Gundam vs. Gundam (Next) video on YT, and call it a night? :)

  12. I just kiddin Siroh, i actually agreed with you that DH Kai wings are just like Bat wings.
    I’m just didn’t like Batman itself, rich guy…hehehehe.
    Yeah, lets call it Astray!!!

  13. lol. that’s really a big box for such little items. the outside looks well packaged and protected but the stuffing inside looks lacking. newspapers doesn’t seems like a good choice for stuffing. furthermore it doesn’t look to fill up the whole box. (‘~’)

  14. Q, will answer that in a bit

    Gordon, I find newspaper to be great packaging provided that it can actually push the item against the box so that it doesn’t bounce around xD. And the items above weren’t actually from that shipment (check my next entry ^^;).

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