Gundam 2.0 WISP: Arms


The more I assemble this Gundam, the more I want to leave its armor off… or at least off on one side. It just looks so much better without the outer armor on.


It’s almost like the budget for this project went all into articulation/mechanism development so they had to use the “true to anime” design to save on the exterior details xD.


10 thoughts on “Gundam 2.0 WISP: Arms

  1. Or they’re just pandering to hardcore purists on the 2.0 before the 30th Anniversary. :) I’m uncertain if I agree with you, but the inner-frame definitely looks pretty good and I wouldn’t mind a shot of the completed frame.

    Just a question: Green for the cameras/eyes? Not really fond of the original yellow (like me)?

  2. I’ve just compared the two heads (and OYW’s), and it looks like Katoki’s RX-78 head. I take it you haven’t completed the 2.0 head yet, Z?

  3. Y’know, that reminded me of what I found and commented about on Flickr; the guy that was using the OYW’s inner-frame and ver. Ka armor and combining the two. When you complete the 2.0, would you ever try something like that, Z? Not necessarily using the OYW’s inner-frame (should you try something like that), but… *shrug*

  4. Awesome!!
    Are you cut the fingers too? It’s like Sinanju finger isn’t it?
    Yeah, the head, it looked like the OYW version, the ver.2.0 is just retro looking. ^^

  5. Hey Z I was wondering if there was a site out there that had a history of Gunpla, pretty much a release date list from the first model till now. Awesome work on the models! I’ve been trying to get into building my own but I live in a place where the shipping is just high way robbery!!

  6. For those that havn’t figured it out yet, that is not the ver 2.0 head. IT is the ver Ka head. Personaly I find it very appealing to display Gundam ver 2.0 with half of its frame showing. I played around with mine to find a good half frame, half armor ratio and I think it looks pretty darn good. If you want to see some pics of it I can post some.

  7. to all those wondering… yes, that’s the Ver. Ka head xD. Haven’t build the 2.0 head yet.

    Siroh32, from the way things look, I don’t think I have the patience to mod the pieces to fit on the inner frame. I do think a OYW or Ver. Ka with the 2.0 frame would be awesome though. And as always, thank you for helping out others. That link is indeed awesome. I don’t know what I can get out of knowing when an MG was released but it makes for some fun facts xD

    Eyeshield, yea I cut the fingers. The hands are just like Sinanju’s

    Necro, do share :)

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