Some were wondering what the little green thing was a couple of post down. This is Dampachi, TEIN’s mascot who is actually a damper (seriously…?). They make aftermarket suspension parts for cars. Funny how Japanese companies always seem to have a cute mascot no matter how serious their business is xD.

Here’s my Gundam car when it still had the 4×4 height (’07):


Dropped on TEIN SS Coilovers (’08):


No wheel gap ^^. Also love how firm it made the car and listening to my friends complaining about how “harsh” the ride is :D

Here’s a few shots that someone photoshopped:


Target Goal:


With all the mods I’ve done and want to do, I think this will be the longest WISP out of all my projects… xD

hmm… Summer is coming… hope the mod bug won’t bite…


13 thoughts on “Dampachi

  1. wow sweet ride,lucky >:( at first I thought it was the new acura but then noticed the honda sign ^^ loving those rims by the way,must thank dampachi
    like the last pic,very official :)

  2. Eyeshield, I think “cardam” sounds better xD

    Cmos, thanks ^^;

    Roy, the last pic IS official xD. It’s not my car; that’s the Honda Accord Euro R. Got it off HondaJP’s website. I would like my Accord/TSX to look like that.

    Gunstray, it’s the Acura TSX… also known as the Honda Accord outside of the US.

  3. That thing is supposed to be a mascot of a damper? Its shape looks so wrong to me that it gave me a lot of nasty thoughts, especially when my sister was right next to me when I was reading your blog @_@ X_X

  4. ZeroXX7, Preludes are hot :D

    Eyeshield, yea… “Acura” is only an american thing because people here are generally image-whores so there’s no way they would pay for an “epensive Honda”.

    Q, xDDD that’s what they claimed to be ^^;

  5. awww… sweet car =) a couple of bodykits and a lil spoiler would do a good job =) oh yeah…i always liked the accord, but the newer accord euro 2009 looks more badass. theres even an option for a v6 accord mugen modded if u want one. well, they’re already sold in new zealand and i think they’re pretty badass. the civic 2009 is also a neat machine. if i had money i would buy a civic =)

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