Gundam 2.0 WISP: Legs


Just repeat everything I said for the last WISP; the same thing applies here as well. That should be obvious by now :). The retro design actually looks “worse” in person than in pictures…


Okay, gotta bounce…


11 thoughts on “Gundam 2.0 WISP: Legs

  1. Then insert everything I mentioned in my first post of the Arm WISP entry into this one, and change some words here and there, maybe bring in mentions of the game(s) I mentioned last entry, and here you go! And yeah, the legs do look a little better without the retro armor on. The feet looks a little less squishy that way.

    Though I’ll add something somewhat related: I saw a few entries ago on Ngee Khiong a Real Color version of either the 2.0 or OYW version of the RX-78, and if it’s of the 2.0, I swear they must’ve modified the retro look as it looks like my EMSIA version of it.

  2. Really love the Rx78 with G-fighter. I was like “WOW” when I first saw the G-fighter carrying Rx78 and it transform to G-Bull and stuff back in elementary school. However I am not that into the ‘retro look’ ver2.0…
    Now I would like to get a GFF 1001 instead, although I already have a MG Rx78 v.Ka. It just looks damn good!

  3. Then maybe we must get prepared for Bandai next attack. Maybe they will release gundam ver.2.5 or something with the modern design. Hahaha xD

  4. Agree with eyeshield…. if the version 2.0 has a retro look…
    Bandai will have gundam version 2.5 with some added weapon and enhanced outer armor…
    It seems very logical at this state.

  5. Siroh32, if i remember correctly…the “real color” is that nasty green one right? I only looked at it once and never wanted to look back…

    Hypnos, somehow… i feel the MG RX-78-2 Ver. Ka can look better.

    Eyeshield and neosonic, shhh… stop giving or advocating more rehash ideas to Bandai!

    Zro, I’ll speed things up for ya… fun: 2.0 Looks: Ver. Ka. ^^

  6. u really should display it with half side showing the inner frame. it looks awesome (the inside), outside looks really really plain thou. =\

  7. Wow, 2.0 does look very retro and simple on the outside. It makes me difficult to appreciate the details of the frame once the outer armour has been bolted on to the frame itself.

  8. I am still a bit unsure of what to think about the feet… I think they look a bit chopped off. Show us how far it bend with amor on it, come one! :D

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