Which RX-78-2?


If you ask me, I definitely prefer the Ver. OYW design over the others. Currently doing the photoshoot right now and hopefully get the review up by Saturday. Thanks to a certain MG that set me back three months, I’m really behind with my resolution of clearing my backlog ^^;. Need to speed things up a little here.

I’ve been thinking of changing the blog’s theme soOoOo… if you can, please take a moment to let me know your screen resolution in the poll to the left. It should only take a second. It lets me know how  I should set up the pages and everything so it looks best for the majority of you. Thanks!


31 thoughts on “Which RX-78-2?

  1. Ok, once and for all, I choose…

    the 2.0. For the sake of minimal work, though I’d like to panel line what little exterior details I find.

    But before that, I recently bought the MG Crossbone X1 Ver.Ka from Elizabeth Center here in NYC. And I intend to try my hand at custom painting, nub removal, and panel lining with this one :D. If I remember to, I’ll start a blog to use as a diary of my progress with it.

  2. ver2.0 FTW. Accurate proportions, cute retro design that fits well with the cheesy colours of late 70s/early 80s, complete equipment, plus the neat little core fighter.

    For some reason I just don’t like the yellow frame around the chest vents. The original lineart never had those – only the Perfect Gundam and ver2.0 are correct, the other variants all have the yellow frame.

    And the sandal feet too… the original design had hoof-like feet, which the ver2.0 portrays accurately.

  3. Don’t really know their names but I’m hooking up with the one on the left XD,it doesn’t look as plain as the middle one and not too gray like the right one. As for the small one,I don’t go for the midgets ^^

    1024 x 728 please ^^

  4. Let’s see, I do own all except ver.2.0 though…

    I must say I like the design of OYW & the simplicity of Ver.Ka. ^^” So greedy hehe…

    Let’s see, 1024×768 is quite good already, but my monitor can only pull max ’til 1280×1024..


  5. This is a tough question. Personally, I love the Ver. Ka design only because of the realistic aspect and of course, my own personal prefernce for the dual thrusters on the backpack.

    However, that being said, I always feel obligated to pay homage to the original (i.e. Ver. 2.0) design, only because without it, nothing else would be in existance.

    OYW is a nice combination of the two. I always enjoyed OYW on PS2 and the graphical “Facelift” they gave the Gundam and other MS.

    I have the GFF 1/100 RX-78-2 (probably should do an update on that…sheesh, I need to get my act in gear) – so that will do if for me for 1/100 RX-78-2s. I really like that you have a nice collection though, all three versions plus SD, that in itself makes a great display idea!

  6. hmm.. if I have to pick them, I’ll take OYW.version too. Saw a OYW.ver RX78-2 during my oversea trip but then I saw 2 different version and postpone my decision to get one immediately for fear of getting the wrong one.

    Do you have any ideas regarding their difference?

  7. Jacques, the 2.0 has better articulation but that retro look.
    The OYW has awesome articulation and the sleek, video game look.
    The 2.0 beats the OYW somewhat substantially in hip, foot, and shoulder joint. But other than that, they’re equal(elbows, knees, ankle, etc….).
    The 1.5 got a much better design than 1.0, but has only average articulation. Char’s Rx-78 is a recolor of the 1.5
    1 sucks, only get it if you really like the clear crystal or coating version it comes in.
    And version Ka has slightly better articulation than 1.5
    2.0 is compatible with the G-fighter and OYW has no core fighter.

    Haha, I know all this because I had to struggle with the RX-78 decision. If I had to pick one out for you: OYW

  8. @sbhboi,

    thanks for the enlightenment. but one last question ^^’, why is there a price difference if both are the same? Any extra gimmick from any of them? Coz even after comparing the box & photos they look e same. :(


    thanks for the breakdown. I too came to the same conclusion after comparing them all and settled on the OYW too, I’m just stuck between which OYW to choose from; PS2 ver. or Anime ver. because there’s also a price difference & I’m wondering where does the price difference come from.

  9. Wow, looks like I have a lot of catching up to do…

    First off, I’d like to thank all of you for contributing to the poll and letting me know the info. It’ll help me determine how big I need to make my images from now on so the majority of you can see it better ^^.

    Acedudeyeah, about the Gundam markers… you use whichever one you think looks best on your models. I personally prefer gray on white and black on darker colors. I don’t wait for it to dry, I just wipe it off with my finger since it is water based. Easy.

    Zro, elizabeth center..ah, you are so lucky ;_;

    Jacques, well the other two answered most of your questions already ^^;. Where do you see the difference in price? The two actually cost exactly the same thing o_o. No difference except color. I think the OYW game color ver. is discontinued or something like that because I don’t see stores carrying it anymore ^^;.

  10. @Z,

    happen to see them in Gundam Base Taiwan during my recent oversea trip. Hence, I’m really baffled by what I saw there. If they are the very same thing why is there a price difference?

    Now that I’m back again, I just have to start looking for the OYW ver. in Singapore again. :(

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