Straight to the point first, MG RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. 2.0’s review is finally done! Whew… about time I got that taken care of. Wow… that sudden MIA was certainly unexpected ^^;. Seems like all of a sudden everything just decided to rain down on me and had me crushed for awhile. I really should stop making ETA for my reviews because life just love toying with me every time I do and delay it as much as possible but one day… one day… I’ll be able to overcome this problem and actually get out a review on the day I said I would!

Now for my next project, I’m going to start on my other MG Impulse immediately. Seeing how the weather is finally clearing up, I need to take advantage of this and work as fast as I can to spray on the top coat. There’ll be no WISP post this time because… well, there’s already a completed MG Force Impulse so you’ll just be looking at the same thing all over again ^^;. I’ll be posting about many other Gundam things instead. Will just post up review when I’m done!


12 thoughts on “TOBE! GUNDAMU 2.0!

  1. Well, at least it seems nothing bad seriously happened. Nice to see you back, Z! Just one question though:

    I know you mentioned you have a second MG Impulse as your next project, but I must ask if you had any HGUCs in your backlog currently, let alone one coming up soon. Maybe one of them is one I’ve (still) yet to build, and I could learn from a common model. Though I have a feeling that may be of a stretch… *shrug* I could still learn anyway, common model or otherwise.

  2. Yea… I have one other HGUC and that is the Nu Gundam ^^. It’s hard collecting HGUC because with shipping, the price can rocket up to $40 per model or more…and we all know where that price range falls into.

  3. Alright we got Z back,things should get interesting haha ^^ but as Q said it is somewhat the old you :D Mg,Mg,MG! haha Toga!

  4. @zeroXX7, ah i see haha. I think MIA is used when a soldier is missing at war. So, i questioned it. :D

    Z, seriously? Hguc price can boost like that? Then how about MG? It should be more expensive right? XD

  5. Q, need to take advantage of this good weather while it lasts!

    Roy, I’ll try to make this one interesting :)

    Eyeshield, some of the HGUC cost as much as the cheaper MG so they sometimes be around the same price with MG being slightly higher.

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