Some new goodies…

Just two little things I picked up a couple of days ago…


Was surprised at how big SD Raiser’s box is. It’s the size of a regular HG 1/144! I think that’s the biggest I’ve ever seen for a SD model ^^;


Picked up May’s issue of Dengeki Hobby just for the Astray stickers and the Gunpla Parts Separator. The separator is basically just a board made of the same yellow plastic from the RX-78-2 models with a wedge to pry open whatever you want. Hope I don’t have to use this tool too much; you must suck at following directions if you have to use this a few times for one model. The board will definitely make a great sanding stick though! ^^

Seems like I might disappear over the weekend again…


22 thoughts on “Some new goodies…

  1. Really Z?

    I guess after the fiasco I had with Ez8’s dry transfers I wanted to use something I could be sure would push down on the decal and transfer it over without messing it up even if it wound up taking an extra second. Sure, Ez8’s worked out for the best in the end…but still. I wonder if it was just how old the dry transfers were with the ez8..

  2. “it’s probably not the biggest… there is a SD Dendrobium ^^”

    Yes BB Dendrobium quiet large though, but the box not as big as that SD 00 Raiser.=)

    That 4 PG Astray is really awesome ! Don’t think I could do that on such big kit. O.O

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