MG Sword Impulse GET!


Weee… I finally have a MG Sword Impulse xD.

Just realized that even though you can combine the two Excaliburs from the Force Impulse model, the Gundam itself can’t really hold it with two hands because there are no slots for the left hand to plug into (the real MG Sword Impulse has modified Excaliburs where it does have slots).


With the Excaliburs combined, the weight is really punishing on the right arm; the hands can barely hold onto the sword. Not to mention the length is overly long to make any creative pose without support. I was hoping for some aerial poses but the left hand is useless as it can’t even hold onto one sword alone.


So adding another Excalibur from another Force Impulse to the Force Impulse doesn’t really work out. As it stands now, only the MG Sword Impulse can be the Sword Impulse. ^^;


15 thoughts on “MG Sword Impulse GET!

  1. I didn’t notice that they modified the Excaliburs. The weight problem might explain why apparently no one managed to put it in this pose yet. Still, I don’t think the inability to hold the outer handle is such a big deal. A couple of the reviews linked to here are able to hold the combined swords by the inner handles.

    This is where your creativity comes on. I know you can do it, Z!

  2. Or…maybe you can take the hands from Sword impulse and stick it into the forearms of the Force Impulse? i mean, they do share the same wrist joint right?

  3. man is that why you get two of those?

    Also I’ve seen posts about the poor quality of some of the Sword Impulse kits, say the parts are thin and even with minor cracks.

  4. AceWhatever, I was looking forward to doing that pose! My first MG Force Impulse couldn’t really hold the sword probably because the joints were already somewhat worn so maybe the new Impulse can do better…

    Seaotter, they share the exact same hands. Nothing extra, nothing less.

    Eyeshield, the hand already has a peg so a peg at the handle doesn’t really do much.

    Annoymous, haven’t heard anything about the poor quality yet… I mean, how bad could it get? It’s just another Impulse with a different silhouette ^^; (though I supposed the excaliburs might be thinner since they can shorten now)

  5. So, Z, would you still customize the second Force Impulse when finished and then take pictures of it, say, fighting your first one? *shrug*

  6. Wow that thing looks awesome, sorry to hear that it couldn’t really hold both connected properly :/ Are the joints not stiff? the new Sword Imp. should have it covered though ^^

    oh by the way the title should be “Force impulse GET!” :D

  7. Gunstray, it’s possible :)

    Siroh32, I’ll keep that idea in mind ^^

    Roy, The joints used to be stiff but this is my first Impulse that I’m using so the joints are a bit loose after its own photoshoot for its review.

    Eyeshield, I don’t have such skills xD

  8. 3 Excaliburs? I thought you only had 2 which came with both Force Impulse.

    @Roy: The title….there’s nothing wrong, don’t you get the joke?

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