Top Easiest Master Grades

I’ve received numerous emails from people over the months with questions along the lines of “hi, I’m a complete newbie. What is a good starting MG?” so I guess now is as good a time as any to make a post about what *I* find to be some of the easiest Master Grade models (or just MG kits that people can start out with). Hopefully this can help some of those who are just starting out ^^.


When I first saw “Master Grade” kits in stores, I was both astonished and intimidated by its name and huge boxes (compared to the EW 1/100 and 1/144 models). I thought “wow… I don’t think I’ll ever be able to build one of those. They look hella hard!”… har har. After ten years, Master Grades are now my Gunpla grade of choice. I’m sure many of you will feel the same way sooner or later :)

Even though all Bandai MGs are just snap-ons and “designed to not need paint” so “anyone” can assemble one, that doesn’t you can just go grab your favorite Gundam, snap it together, and think it’ll look great. As with any sort of modeling, the quality reflects your effort. The better effort you put in, the better the model looks. A big duh here. Anyway… on to the list… The models listed are in no particular difficulty order so my idea is just start with the one you like best (that is easy).

1. MG RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. Ka

Whether you want to put on the decals/stickers on or not (that’s a different story), this will be THE easiest MG you’ll ever build. If you can build the original 1/100 Gundam Wing or Gundam X models then this one is barely, just barely, a step above. Plain and simple assembly. Nothing to worry to be confused about. This model looks great but the childish ease of assembly means its articulation is also that of the old 1/100 HG (aka almost none).

2. MG Aile Strike Gundam/Rouge (or just any Strike models)

While its Striker packs can vary in difficulty (but none are actually hard; just time consuming), the Strike Gundam itself is easy to assemble. I remember finishing the Strike Rouge in one day. The Strike just follows a very simple MG Structure- snap inner frame, then put on armor parts. Easy. The model also has decent articulation to boot.

3. MG RX-78GP03S Gundam Stamen

Yes, this is an old kit. Yes, it only has basic articulation (therefore no action poses). BUT this is model is a looker. You can’t deny that it looks great and one of the better UC designs! Difficulty ranks just about the same as the MG RX-78-2 Ver. Ka. There is nothing to it.

4. MG MSN-04 Sazabi

Surprised to see this huge beast as one of the easiest MGs? Yea, me too. I’m serious. For its size, this model is very straightforward and almost a breeze to put together. The pieces are big too so it is also easier to handle if you have big hands. The part that sucks the most is that all this thing can do is stand there and collect dust.

5. MG MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki

The Hyaku Shiki is released around the same time as the GP03S so it is assembled around the same (old) basic MG format. Hyaku Shiki has the bling though and relatively better articulation than expected of its time. The model is sturdy and looks great so why not?

6. MG ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam

This was my second MG… like a year or so after my first MG, the Stamen. I found it to be EASY. There’s not many panel lines to detail and assembly is a snap (pun intended). Great to just put together and have some fun posing it with its base. Problem is it will eventually turn back-heavy.

These kits are the easiest I can think of off the top of my head. There are probably more that are just as easy if not easier but these are the ones that are in my collection. People who are starting out on MG actually have quite a range to choose from ^^. Do share if you own some MGs that are also very easy or great for beginners. There’s no need to worry. Effort and practice makes perfect.

I’ll probably make a “Top Difficult MG kits” post tomorrow or something to follow this one.

34 thoughts on “Top Easiest Master Grades

  1. I think that MG Strike & MG Hyaku Shiki are one of the easiest kits to make. I have finished them in quite short time and without any problems.

  2. I’ll probably make a “Top Difficult MG kits” post tomorrow or something to follow this one.

    – I can imagine your Sinanju covering his face or hiding behind a box somewhere =)

  3. why bother, just go for the ones that you have ‘love(爱)’ in it XD
    hehe just kidding, it is indeed a good intro for rookies.

    I guess it’s quite personal, my first two were Rx78-2 ver ka and Char’s Zaku ver 2.0. I mean, what else can I do? :D

  4. I think most old MGs should be quite easy to build so long as they don’t have too many stuffs on.

    As for most difficult MGs, besides the obvious one Gi mentioned, I can already spot a few on the first picture like Ex-S.

  5. The first MG I’ve built was a Strike Noir for my friend. Wasn’t too hard, but it surely was time consuming… Will build the G-3 OYW ver this summer, but it looks like that I will have a nightmare panel lining it. How much does it differ from ver Ka?

    Top most difficult MGs? I bet Sianju will be somewhere, even if it doesn’t want to be up there! ^^;

    But with it being so time consuming and not so cheap, I still prefer 1/144s, even after building the Strike Noir. Who knows whether my attitude will change after G-3? (laughs)

  6. Ohh if you want a annoying/hard MG to assemble it’s definetely the Crossbone XM-1 Full Cloth. That’s one of the worst kit I’ve ever assembled >_< And it was the first MG (only so far) to assemble and it annoys the shit out of me everytime I want to change its pose. Don’t get me wrong it’s a beautiful kit once assembled^^ But it’s annoying as hell ._.

    Z, I’ve finally started painting some details in my kits and boy is that worh it ^^ My next items are the Red/Blue Astray 1/100 and they have a lot of parts to be painted. Definetely the time from opening the box and finally putting it on display has increased but it’s definetely worh the effort^^

  7. I think that the MG God Gundam is an easy build, providing decent flexibilty, and also putting into consideration its price. I don’t even have one, but I think reviews, especially from dalong can speak for themselves.

    I think the easiest MGs I have built include the MG Qubeley and the MG RX-78-2 version 2.

    I dunno, but I kinda had difficulty in building my MG Strike Freedom, maybe because f the wing structure?

  8. Well, I’m used to “almost no articulation” when considering my older MSIAs and my more recent HG 1/144 EW models (and to a lesser extent, some of my better MSIAs in my older collection, and maybe my GFF Wing Gundam ver. Ka), which is basic. So I wouldn’t view Gundam ver. Ka as terrible until I come to your position (in the next decade, I’d guess) and build counless Gunplas and feel ready enough to kitbash. But until then, I guess I’ll settle with building just the Gundam ver. Ka whenever I get it.
    Though I think I might want to try Wing Gundam ver. Ka first since it a is beautiful design, and you’ve praised it in spite of having decent articulation (it at least looks more stable than the GFF counterpart I handled). However, since you failed to mention it, would I be right in guessing that it’s more complicated a build to handle?

    And to get off of “Ver. Ka” this or “Ver. Ka” that (and models themselves), what about someone who, for the moment, only can get resources at a local place (be it a CVS or Rite-Aid, or a Wal-Mart, or something like that in the U.S.)?

  9. Oh, I almost forgot… I’m a little envious that you have a Wii. I’ve been wanting to have one for a while now. :) What games have you got for it?

  10. I still find HG’s to be hard lol… well not hard, but annoying. I really need to buy myself a exacto knife to cut off the pieces, I’m tired of having bloody fingers at the end of the day >_>

  11. The first Master Grade i ever built was the Crossbone Full Cloth! My sister bought it for me last year kinda out of the blue and it was really difficult. I really love the model but, the core fighter is stuck in the mobile suit and i cant get it out no matter what!

  12. Q, the OYW is built on a different frame than the Ver. Ka. the OYW has one of the most annoying leg assembly (taken from the 1.5) and a revised/improved 1.5 upper body. The Ver. Ka is more/less old HG 1/100. Besides that, they just look different ^^. The OYW also gets a point for having the Gundam Hammer. You’ll like your G-3 ^^

    Siroh, I thought Gundam models doesn’t exist in American stores anymore ^^

    Wildflug, I haven’t touched the Strike Freedom yet so I dunno ^^;

    Lilboi, a good side cutter would do you wonders

  13. I was asking about the tools to help improve upon their looks, Z. While the best place for not just models, but also tools for models, is to look online, not all the time is anyone (and this is my case currently) can order whatever online. I can’t get specific paint or sanding or Gundam markers online, so I might have to settle with something close to it for assistance, and was asking what you think might be an acceptable alternative I could get practically anywhere rather than have to order online. I’m sure any possible suggestion won’t produce as good a result as the real deal in some modeling tools (most especially panel-lining markers and paint), but it would be better than nothing, right?

  14. Paulo, you aren’t alone there with the Full Cloth.

    This is a great list Z. And I imagine Sinanju and EX-S Gundam are prepping their defense statements as we speak XD

  15. I am enjoying my RX-78 OYW, I think the legs were genious! Enclosing a tool with the legs to open up the other pistons…..brilliant!

    But not for beginner beginners. I didn’t find it as annoying or time consuming as your review said.

    Hopefully, the GP03S won’t be as annoying as the GP01-FB, stupid awkward core fighter construction….
    Shoved it aside so I can stick to my vow to have the OYW be my first [completed] Master Grade kit.

    btw, Z, I have found using a toothbrush makes the panel lines lighter and more consistent. I am using this new technique a lot on my OYW’s arms because for some reason I want them to look clean, but not 2.0 clean.

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