Most Challenging MG Gunplas

This is the obvious follow-up to yesterday’s post. We took a look at some of the easiest so now let’s take a peak at some of the hardest. This post is aimed at those who are going “I can build a MG Ball, so what now?”, those who are feeling adventurous, or those who simply want to test their limits. I rated these models based on the assumption that you *WILL* put in the effort to make them look right. Again, these models are just from my personal experience up to now and there could be harder ones in the future. In no particular order…

1. MG MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam

I don’t really remember exactly how or why this model was hard but I do remembered I had some difficulty with it ^^;. It was just oh so many sliding pieces, flipping parts, connecting rods, and moving pistons that you must pay extra careful attention to what goes where otherwise you can screw up. Just about every part of this Gundam slides, rotates or has some sort of function so the pieces are small and a little time consuming to clean up. The model looks silly standing because the feet can’t be flat due to its design but it looks GREAT in an action pose with the included base.

2. MG Shin Musha Gundam

For the most part, this model is relatively simple. The hard part comes cleaning the pieces; the nub marks are a bit on the obvious side. The turd bronze color is in serious need of golden love. And lastly, the decals are just too awesome to pass so you gotta put in the effort to get them all in (I managed to apply BOTH the Ver. Ka and original decal map onto the model). Assembly is straightforward but some parts (especially the legs) can feel like it drags on because of the layers after layers of armor. End result is a stunning feudal-esque Gundam… there’s nothing like it :)

3. MG XXXG-01 W Wing Gundam Ver. Ka

While I’d rank the assembly difficulty at “medium”, the insanity of this kit comes from completing the “Katoki” look… which is nothing short of applying every decal and clearing out the entire sheet of clear stickers. No exceptions. The decals go on uneven surfaces, bumps, corners, tight spots… just everywhere. It looks absolutely gorgeous once completed though. It might not be able to pose all that much but it is stunning just by standing there (and that’s the point). This model has helped me learned a lot and this is where I first developed proper detailing with the clear stickers and decals… and top coat :). For a good challenge, the Wing Ver. Ka is a good starter.

4. MG MSA-011 [EXT] Ex-S Gundam

Just by looking at its name and you know this model is going to be excessive (haha). 31 runners and 31 screws. One look at the number of runners lying around and you’re bound to lose morale (best tip: don’t ever look at how much more you have to go). Like the Zeta 2.0, this model is sophisticated mechanism galore. You must build things in a certain sequence in a certain way. Assembling seems like it just keeps going and you wouldn’t know what part you are assembling until you completed it. It sounds a bit hopeless but provides quite a lot of fun. You can be sure this one kit will make many (you included) go “OMG” on your desk :). The best part about after finishing this giant is that the next MG will feel like a total breeze.

5. MG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Ver. Ka


It must be Katoki’s goal to successively add more decals onto his models after each “Ver. Ka” release. To some, the model might look like it is infected with chicken pox from all the little red clear stickers but without them, the model is absolutely PLAIN. On the assembly side, more caution needs to be taken into consideration as every body part slides or flips open for the transformation. This is a Ver. Ka model; the decals and stickers are part of the construction for the complete model. Be prepared to apply them all. The aeshetics of this Gundam can speak for itself.

6. MG MSN-06S Sinanju Ver. Ka

… *laughs*

And there you have it. Some of the most challenging Gunplas from my experience. This isn’t meant to put some of you off from certain models but rather look at this as  a suggestion on what you can do when you finally want to advance your gunpla building skills. I think these models are great for that purpose and enables you to gradually improve upon your existing modeling skills. At the very end of it, no matter how frustrated you may be, how badly your spirit is crushed, or how unmotivated you’ve become, you should always enjoy your Gundam models ^^.


48 thoughts on “Most Challenging MG Gunplas

  1. One of these days, I’ll get unicorn, mark my words!!!! But I’ll have to spend half my day trying to get all the decals on. >.>

  2. I have both the Wing Ver. Ka and the Zeta 2.0, and haven’t touched them at all. I’ve built an MG Wing Zero Custom, so the Ver. Ka shouldn’t be much of a stretch, but as you stated, the decals will be tricky. Good thing I got waterslides ^_^

    My Zeta 2.0 on the other hand, is getting old now, since I bought it shortly after it first came out. But I do plan on building it, because I need to get used to transformation mechanisms as preparation to build my 1/72 Messiah Valkyrie!

    If you thought the Zeta was delicate – yikes. I’m gonna be on pins and needles with the Messiah…

  3. heh, i agree with that list.

    the funny thing is, my 2nd MG was the Shin Musha and i managed to not screw that up [of course i put the decals at a later date but i did paint the pieces gold the 1st time around]

    and my 3rd was unicorn [yeah i just made horrible choices but i did learn quick!]

    as my 4th was sinanju then unicorn [a much much better build this time, i have yet to upload pics on my deviantart account -_-] again for my MG builds.

    now… if i can just save up money for the Ex-S, $40 short, crap then shipping… so $60 short? hah!

  4. Hey Z, have you seen the MG Perfect Zeong? It’s sword is the same size(give or take a few milimeters) as the MG Sazabi!

  5. i feel really sad, but what is an easy way to paint them??? i have net tried painting any of mine, and i only like adding a few stickers and decals, i just feel like ill mess them up. an tips???

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