MG Force Impulse- Color Change


The above is the color scheme for my new MG Force Impulse. Personally, I think the red and black goes a lot better with the Force Silhouette since it is the same color. Or maybe I’m just biased toward the color red. Or maybe I’m just not done with another silhouette yet. What do you think? ^^

Here’s the original for comparision:


The former looks better right? :D

Anyway, this post is just a silly teaser of my next coming review…


34 thoughts on “MG Force Impulse- Color Change

  1. also on the right arm, on the top image both elbow joints are bent, on the lower image, only the lower elbow joint is bent

  2. and another thing, the background is not the same for the two pics. i mean the lighting. no escape z. LOL. >.<

  3. also, the wing of the core fighter is much more noticable in the first picture than in the second

  4. The shadowing of the right leg if different between the two, also the heads are at different angles

  5. :D

    The top one looks totally evil.

    If you ever take shots of them, you should have them fight each other.

  6. i think it will be basically just like the force impulse since this kit is somehow a recolor version. hmmmmmm. did i get it right? or am i just too fond of HG kits that i dont have an eye for detail when it comes to mg kits? =p

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