Tools Updated!


After kicking myself enough times, I’ve finally updated My Tools page (my psuedo-tutorial on Gunpla)! Added some new tools, revised a few things and added some more stuff. Hopefully I’ve answered some FAQs along the way as well. I still don’t think the page is complete though (feels around 80%), but at least it has been updated. The Tools page is actually one of the highest viewed pages on this blog so I feel a bit silly that it is incomplete and a bit embarassed when I see that people from different forums are referring to other members to check it out ^^; (Thank you!)

The page will definitely be updated again as time goes by and I’m incorporating more techniques and tools into my arsenal.

9 thoughts on “Tools Updated!

  1. The only new tool that I have bought recently was knife with X-Acto type blades ^^ . I’m also thinking about buying airbrush and compressor but dunno about that, it’s quite expensive stuff…

  2. Great Thanks. I was interested in your decal technique as you seem quite adept at it. It seems a lot of patience is required :D

  3. I started off with about 8 bottles of Mr. Color. Now I have more than 80 bottles… -_-“

  4. @Paliodor,

    it may be a tad expensive initially but a worthwhile investment if you’re sure that you’ll be using it for a long time, the investment will eventually break even in the long run.

    @Alex Denon,

    I know that feeling, the number of bottles can’t stop increasing once you’re determined to get the same color as stated in the color guide on the instruction manual.


    yup, that’s the sandpaper there you’re seeing. Comes in a package of 3 different grades of finishing;2 pieces of 400, 1 piece of 600/800(words are too small to be seen from picture) and 2 pieces of 1000.

  5. Question, when do you apply the topcoat.. Before or after applying the decals? If your answer is before decal application then do you apply another coat?

  6. @mkuain

    He uses a flat Top Coat, so that’s after applying decals. As far as I’ve read you always need to apply decals to a smooth, if possible glossy surface. There are modelers who paint -> seal with gloss finish (like a gloss Top Coat), then do panel lines -> seal with gloss again, then do decals -> seal with flat/matte Top Coat for a finished look.

  7. Mkuain, I updated my tool page. You can read about it in there.

    Jacques and Mesmer, thanks for answering the questions ^^

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