Daruma- Future Gunpla Projects

Anyone familiar with the purpose of a Daruma? I’ve taken its concept, reversed and modified it for the completion of my own backlog. Actually, I’ll refer to my “backlog” as “future projects” from now on to get rid of that derogatory feeling of laziness. I’ve created a page for my “future projects” of Gundam models. There’s a purpose for this page: I’ve lined up the images in the most likely order that I’ll build them and with each one gone, I’ll delete its picture. Utimately, the whole page should disappear once my goal is reached. This is better than me always scouring around my room, thinking which model goes next and wondering how many more I have left. Seeing is believing. I don’t have to keep track as the page will do it for me. After looking at it, there’s not so much left afterall so here’s to hoping that I do get to finish them all by the end of the year ^^;

Also, it’ll be cool if everyone can use the page for little Gunpla chats, giving advice on some of the future models, suggestions, or just drop me a random message etc. etc. ^^

So does anyone else also go to a certain degree of extremity to finish their backlogs? (c’mon, fess up)

off-topic: *is trying to get up the new review soon…*