Astray Red Frame Ver. Ke


Just went over to Mesarion+ to see if Master Keita have whipped out anything new in the past couple of months and sure enough he did. Check out his newest addition, the 1/100 Gundam Astray Red Frame Ver. Ke. This is like a MG Red Frame that could’ve been, should’ve been, but didn’t. Oh how his work never cease to amaze me…


15 thoughts on “Astray Red Frame Ver. Ke

  1. Yeah he’s like Lvl 99 in Gundam modelling.

    Every kit he touches became so beautiful.

    He is my no. 1 idol in Gunpla world.

  2. I always liked Keita’s work. As someone more fond of (yes, get this,) Hajime Katoki’s MS designs (Surprise, surprise!), and especially his GW ones, I must say I liked pretty much of what I saw of how he approached a few Katoki-based models.
    While not accurate-to-the-touch, I did like how Keita tried approaching Wing ver. Ka in his “further detail pursuit” version; looking more like the Wing ver. Ka drawing Katoki first did (which looks a little different than today’s Wing ver. Ka). I also liked his Wing Zero that he can interchange parts with to make a Wing ver. Ka with a more EW paint scheme, and he did fantastic in his “Damage Expression Ver” of Wing Zero.
    And his approach to all of the models he built are pretty fantastic. I like his RX-78s too; his Alex is pretty good, and his G3 “Amuro Ray Customize” has a pretty nice color scheme. His Freedom Gundam is a little more menacing-looking.

  3. Seeing the Grand Slam on its right makes me even more awe-struck at this kit! As if the Red Frame weren’t awesome enough already…

  4. Symbiotes, More like over 9000!!! xD (had to do that)

    Evolution, i’ll check that in a bit

    Awesomes Prime, I embedded the link to the full gallery. you can see more action pics there.

    Siroh, You pretty much listed all his work there ^^;

    Saito, I agreed!

    Zro, yea… that gave me a new idea for the PG Red Frame ^^

  5. The world of modelling is indeed vast. Har har.

    Until now, my works are just only following instruction, snap fit, and apply decal. He is just awesome, Keita! I heard modellers use Pla plate to made additional parts. Still, seeing the finished model always amazed me! :D

    Oh yeah the Grand Slam, i heard PG Strike came with it right? I’m just finished watching The Gundam Evolve.

  6. Hypnos, argh… I’m so jealous of people who can just go out there and mod their kits however they like.

    Eyeshield,Yea the PG strike comes with it…and so does the MG IWSP.

  7. I mentioned Keita’s modifications to this, that, and the other, and focused on his more Wing-related models. I believe I found a blog of his own, and, take a look at some of the more subtle modifications of this Wing Gundam “Ver.Ks“:

    Some of the modifications are kind-of strange, but the Katoki-esque sleekness seems to have been kept. It’s kind-of like his “Gundam ver. Ke 2007” model I remember seeing (at least the feet was sort-of strange-looking in that model), but it was pretty good. In fact I think it was mentioned that the “Gundam ver. Ke 2007” model was a remodeling of a Strike Freedom model.

  8. The models in that link actually look tamed compared to his gallery models ^^. Nonetheless, a kickass model is a kickass model.

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