Alright! Finally! It’s about time! MG Exia!… … and I’m actually not too thrilled about it. What’s up with the proportions? They aren’t THAT much of an improvement over the 1/100. The GN Sword is fat… but needs to be more lengthy. Honestly, all this time I was hoping for MG Impulse proportions on Exia. Oh well. Guess I can wait for others reaction before I grab one… but then again, it does come with first batch goodies… hmm…

stuff jacked from Ngee Khiong and more pictures here.


52 thoughts on “OMG MG EXIA!!!

  1. haha. joe i think MG exia has an openable cockpit as most MG kits do. and when it comes to legend, i dont think its gonna make the MG line. the design is a lame yet more beautiful upgrade than providence. but i love legend’s design. the 1/100 is enough for me. no need to go MG on legend. i hope MG seed kits will end with sword impulse. nothing noteworthy of becoming an MG kit comes to mind. in fact, IJ almost didnt make it to the MG line for some reason.

  2. ^If you’re gonna call BS on someone’s comment then elaborate why you think so… and besides, which comment are you even referring to?

  3. PLS dun argue juz because you are SEED fans.
    We r all Gundam fans.
    N Bandai only will make some HG or 1/100 upgrade to MG if the feedback is good(E.g. HG Exia almost can be seen in every household in Japan that have children n teenagers,due to That Bandai will decide to make a 1/100 then MG.)

  4. Приятно понимать, что остались действительно стоящие блоги в этой мусорке рейтинга Яши. Ваш – один из таких. Спасибо!

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