Hiatus: MG Sword Impulse


I forgot who but someone said apparently no one was able to put the MG Sword Impulse in this pose yet… but it can pull it off pretty easily ^^;. I spent a lot more time trying to take the perfect picture of it than posing it. I think I came close enough. Click to see the actual size if you find it blurry.


As for the entire review, I hate to say this but… I don’t think I’ll be able to finish it any time soon. This week I am just… wow. crushed by many aspects of life at the moment. Since I won’t have the review ready any time soon, I’ll let you all have a glimpse of the photoshoot. Just so you all know…whenever one of my photoshoots seemingly takes forever, it usually means I’m having too much fun or just putting some extra effort into the photos (usually both) ^^. Hope it’ll worth the wait at the end for all of you. I am striving to complete everything by this coming Thursday but we all know how accurate I am with my ETA…


29 thoughts on “Hiatus: MG Sword Impulse

  1. I got this, and I am having trouble getting this motherfucker to hold up the damn swords. I have to fold the hands up/down with the 2nd joint put in for chest flyer just to get the swords to stop tilting down. I don’t have too much problem with both swords put together, but maybe my polycaps are just massive lemons.

  2. @Olimar64

    I know your pain my friend. What I usually do to fix this, is lightly spraypaint some of the joints to stiffen them up. Not sure if this is the best way though. Maybe someone else here has a better solution.

  3. Sorry if it seems like a silly question, but when painting beam effect parts, do you still prime it, or paint it as is?

  4. Olimar, my Sword Impulse is fine… just the wrist not being able to hold up the swords. Laws of gravity…they kinda sucks sometimes ^^;

    Darkage, the emblem is just for decoration so the shoulders aren’t so plain ^^;

    Zro, paint it as is.

  5. haha. i just took a look at our gundam directory a.k.a dalong and he screwed up another great kit as he always does. blah. lets keep this between us ayt. he does great being our dictionary and all but i just cant keep myself from going “boom” after what he did to sword impulse. it was horrid to look at. >.<

  6. Ercjohn, yea… I saw Dalong’s SI and wow… I really wish he didn’t find it a necessity to ink EVERY single spot >_>;
    But who am I to criticized? I get stuff about me not inking enough panel lines xD

    Ryan, umm…how about pushing in the wrist?

  7. haha. Z a lot of people prefer subtle panel lines. yours is enough. dalong’s is a bit too much. and about the criticizing stuff, we are free to do so. a lot of people say my works are a little off because i dont remove the seamlines. not yet. haha. LOL. but i will get to removing seamlines from my kits one of these days. teach me z if you know how to remove them without me needing to paint my kit. coz i paint my kit when i remove the seamlines. T^T

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