The Real Deal: MG Sword Impulse


I like big swords and I cannot lie! You other Gunotas can’t deny!…


It’s been way overdue but here it is! Review for the MG Sword Impulse! Have fun scrolling down through the 150+ photos in the review :)


10 thoughts on “The Real Deal: MG Sword Impulse

  1. Incredible! Yes the swords are indeed the main point of this kit.
    One question though, when you actually bought it Z? Is it same time as Astray? Or when you posted the box pic? :D

  2. When he posted the pic of the boxart the kit hadn’t been released yet. My guess is that he got it with Pg Astray, or at some other random time.

  3. I have to admit too, that I like MS with Swords & Melee abilites, Astray Red, Astray Blue 2nd L, Crossbone Full Cloth, 00 T Swords, God Gundam & Alteisen just to name a few. And who can forget Dyzengar~ ^^’

  4. Eyeshield, Actually I got the Sword Impulse along with my SD 00 Raiser (before the “MG Impulse GET!” Post) ^^.

    Ed, yea… I thought Bandai might have an eye for that error by now but guess not.

    Lupes, I actually feel kinda bad every time someone tells me that for a kit xD

    Jacques, and the SRX, Thrudgelmir, Gravion, Dendoh, and Granzon, and…*insert all the big ass sword wielders here*

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