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I’m sure all of you already had a clue that this Master Grade would be next so no surprises here. Originally, I was going to build this immediately after the RX-78-2 2.0 but you know… I was a bit impulsive :). Going from the runners and the manual, this model doesn’t seem to be as much of a breeze as I thought it would be (like how I thought the RX-78-2 2.0 was a breeze… must be a 2.0 thing).


In typical UC fashion, its the return of mesh cables! Oh how I hated those and making sure they don’t slip out after the parts are assembled. Hooray for minimal foil stickers! The biggest one is the yellow bits on the shield…. seriously, Bandai? Of all things, you couldn’t have molded those two yellow bits for the shield?


Be happy with the proportions we get for models today. Fat MK II is fat o_o.


37 thoughts on “Back to UC

  1. Hi,

    I have a question, hope you guys can point me in the right direction…

    Is it correct to apply dry-transfer decals after spraying top coat, or the other way around?

    Thanks =)

  2. This was a real joy for me to put together. I LOVE my MkII ver.2.0!

    The way the inner leg mechanism works is pure genius! It’s one of those kits (like the RX-78 ver.2.0) where you really hate to cover up the inner workings with armor, and I’m not sure if it’s my kit, but some of the armor parts tend to be loose and fall off, so I cemented them in place.

    The legs took me a couple of hours to assemble, as they’re pretty complicated, but man, were they worth it! The way the armor pieces slide and reveal some of the inner workings is awesome! The mesh tubing looks great on them as well even with the armor off!

    Z, you mentioned you hated the mesh pipes, but in this kit as compared to the original MG Gundam Mk.II, the ends of the pipes that tend to get frayed and end up looking ugly are very cleverly hidden. This also ensures that they stay in place once you slip them onto the ABS plastic tube parts. I had to make sure they were masked when I sprayed some flat coat, though.

    The outer armor looks way cool, especially with all the decals (I bought a sheet of waterslide decals for it), and it’s much more attarctive to me that the plain old RX-78. The stand it comes with is nice, but this thing really needs an Action Base to strut it’s stuff midair.

    But the best thing about it for me is that this thing is compatible with the old MG Super Gundam’s G-Defenser! There’s a slot on the top part of it’s backpack that allows you to plug the G-Defenser in, and to slide the upper clamp over it to secure it in place. Granted, it becomes VERY back-heavy and just barely supports it’s weight (you’d better pose it with an Action Base to be safe), but after a bit (or a lot, depending on how you work it) of fiddling, you can make it fit.

    Too bad the G-Defenser’s Long Rifle isn’t quite secure in the Mk.II’s hands, as it lacks a slot on the grip. Makes me wish Bandai had released a Ver.2.0 of the G-Defenser.

    Still, this is a badass kit, and one of the more sturdy MG’s I’ve ever built.

  3. Oh, and about measuring for the mesh pipe material, the kit gives you quite a bit more than you need, like the original MG kit. And even more handy, you won’t need a ruler – the manual itself has an accurate measuring scale printed on the bottom of the pages concerned (where it instructs you to cut the mesh pipes).

    Nice of Bandai to include that ^_^

  4. This is not the limited one right? Anyways can’t wait to see the WIP and review. The AEUG looks awesome but the Titans kicks butt ^^ Should of got that one instead :D

  5. ei dav it depends on the topcoat you’re using. if its gloss top coat there’s no problem applying dry transfer decals after you apply it. for matte top coat i suggest you apply dry transfers first. either way you still have to top coat your kit after applying decals. >.<

  6. Seems like most of you have a positive experience with this model. I thought the titans ver. was simply a recolor o_o. I didn’t know the AEUG ver doesn’t have a rotating waist! WTF!? If I had known that, I wouldn’t even pick this model up >_>.Neither would I’ve picked up the Titans one… I hate the Titans and the something about the way the colors are distributed on their Mk II kinda piss me off xD

  7. What disappoints me is that it doesn’t seem as though they gave “HD Color ver.” (gloss finish + new markings) release of this kit the rotating waist of the Titans color. Can anyone that bought the HD version confirm?

  8. It seems as a celebration of this (at least before you consider reviewing someone else’s work one entry up), Gundam vs. Gundam NEXT unlocked the Gundam Mk. II (Unit 03 with Titans colors, Newbie Kamille at the helm). Okay, maybe coincidental, and the more-interesting Shining Gundam was unlocked as well. But I have to comment on something related, so…:

    Looks fun, does it? I wish I had that arcade game in my room. Anyway, for when you get started on it, I wish you luck on this (what you consider to be a) boring-looking Gundam model (based on your GFF review of the Mk. II).

  9. Wait a sec… I just put in the URL to that video (and just intended it to be a link to it) and it’s embedded? *sigh* XHTML code can confuse me.

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