Suddenly Acquired Gunplas


These just arrived a couple of days ago. They aren’t new and are already built by its previous owner who couldn’t keep them anymore.  I’ll actually be reviewing these three in the next few days instead of working on the MK II. It’ll be interesting because this is my first time seeing someone else’s work in person on a gunpla and there are many things to note about (the way stuff is done differently, style, etc etc). I just want to say that I’m very grateful for this offer and I’m touched that he would trust me in keeping his models safe despite the both of us not really knowing each other. I’ll definitely treat (and abuse) the newcomers with care like I do with my own kits ^^.

Now I’m feeling a bit inspired by all of this SoOoOo… anyone wanna start coming up with ideas for the next giveaway contest? :) A special occasion (can you guess what it is? It’s related to this blog) is coming VERY soon so better get your ideas in otherwise I’m throwing a photohunt :P


24 thoughts on “Suddenly Acquired Gunplas

  1. If photo contest weren’t what you had in mind, then let me think of something else.
    In photo contest, it’s to test out Gunpla skill, posing the Gunpla and the skill in taking photos.
    In photohunt, you’re testing our knowledge in knowing the Gundams in detail, our skill in spotting the difference and how much we know about your site.

    So, in what way do you want to test us this time? There are a few crazy ideas I come up with ago, like singing a mecha-related anime song, or coming up with some sort of webcomic. If these weren’t suitable, how about giving us some sort of riddle and then tell us to search over the Internet or your blog. Or make some sort of doodle of our favourite Gundam using simple paint tools. Or you make some sort of quiz for us and we can only answer once.

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