Black Out


Testing out to see if a black background will do it for me when I photoshoot white mobile suits. Notice you can probably see a bit more clearer in details with the black than with the white of the same shot with the same setting:


Sorta ^^;


Some of you might noticed that I do take a liking to overexposing my photos for that white fuzzy aura effect (best example: my MG Sinanju) but that doesn’t work nicely with a black backdrop.


While this backdrop might work for white or light colored MS, it is not working for other solid color MS but that’s obvious. Some like it but not me because the color aren’t as vibrant.

What do you all think? Should I start using a black backdrop for lighter Gundams or just stick to white?


19 thoughts on “Black Out

  1. Black is just cool, like in studio. :D
    White is original, i rarely seen people using white BG. But its a bit too bright when you take Unicorn’s aka. pure white gunpla. So i think, for white gunpla, better use the black. Otherwise, white is okay.

    btw, what do you use for the black background? I want it ! xD

  2. definitely white, looks more “clean” while black gives it a cheesy look as if you stole it from some random google site.

    btw get on AIM lol

  3. When I saw that first photo at the front of the page, I thought, “Wow… That’s odd.”

    I’m fine with either one. The best out of the black isn’t so much the reason you gave (though it is a pretty good reason), but that for people who’s bored and has the utilities and capability of doing so, can better photoshop the Gunpla out of the picture and into another.
    The white background might be a little more pleasing in some situations, depending on how it looks. I think you do it fine and it works.

    I think you should do both for whatever suits the situation best. For lighter-colored Gunpla, the black helps best, but may not always does the Gunpla justice as it would the white background. So, I’m indecisive, but would be fine with whichever you go with. However, if it’s a hassle to change to either one, then I’d recommend just mainly going for one color most of the time if it can be helped.

  4. Eyeshield, that’s just my dress shirt xD

    Seaotter, light gray… need to find a cloth… thanks for the idea

    Lilboi, both can look clean if done right

    Siroh, this was just a little testing to see some reaction ^^.I can easily switch between the two if I have to. Just doing something different for once I guess

  5. It’s black more me, you definitely see the details and stuff.. The Sinanju looks much more awesome, well for me anyways.

  6. I’m not quite sure which way to vote here. It comes down to the model itself. For me, what works for one model won’t work well for other models.

  7. ohhh, hahaha, yeah shirt. i think you must use cloth :p

    Oh yeah, what do you use for lighting? I don’t have decent desk lamp. so i’m usually shooting at noon, use sunlight, :D

  8. Black is the new white~! :D

    Yeah, I believe black background makes the object more focused (or concentrated, or whatever..).

  9. Zro, exactly why I’ll probably switch between the two depending on the model

    Cmos, haha thanks ^^

    Eyeshield, I try to shoot with as much sunlight as possible. If at night, then it’s just my ceiling light. If I really want to go all out, I’ll pull out that reactor of mine.

    Rady, could be polarizing sometimes though ^^;

    Acewhatever, hmm… blue eh…

  10. Try a black background with a bit of depth and a light on it. I found it to work great for my Kaempfer:

    I vote black as a background!

  11. What? Ceiling lamp is enough? Wow, maybe its a matter of camera? Im using camera phone N73, works well in sunlight but not if only with ceiling lamp :p
    oh yeah, is your nose alright?

  12. I think that both black and white backrounds are looking good, it all depends on the plamo. Some of them will look good on black (like Sinanju), when other will look better on white backround like Sword Impulse. But in the end, it all depends on personal preference :D .
    If it goes about the poll, then I voted for black.

  13. Use scenery as the background! Or not…

    It’s kinda hard to choose between the two but in my opinion, just stick with white because it’s already what you’ve been using all along and there’s no complaints back then!

  14. Pim, that actually looks really good ^^

    Eyeshield, it is not enough actually. I just compensate by tweaking the settings on my SLR. My room is actually a bit dim.

    Paliodor, Guess I’ll just have to try a whole review in black to see ^^

    Chris, I would love to use scenery…but nothing is eye pleasing around my house xD

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