Keita: Kurenai


Just jumped over to Mesarion+ to look for some inspiration and I saw this. The master just never fail to amaze even after all these years. We all know how great his work is so I don’t have to state the obvious xD. Damn… I would love to learn from this guy even for just a day…

More photos over at his site. Keita is also auctioning off this model and while it started off at a modest ~$50 (5000 yen), it has now skyrocketed to insane amounts…


35 thoughts on “Keita: Kurenai

  1. Wow simply amazing :o Wow he made the gundam into actual gold (not color wise money wise ^^) Wish I had talent like that T-T

  2. I’m wondering… does the “remodeling explanation” actually help any of you to be able to do what he did? ^^;

  3. Z said: I’m wondering… does the “remodeling explanation” actually help any of you to be able to do what he did? ^^;

    – Certainly not for a beginner like me…

    By the way what is the full name of this great modeler… I just knew it as Keita… Keita what? Anybody mind telling me?

    Nonetheless, I don’t think I can reach this level that Keita at now… I can dream about it but my skill is really a real beginner… I’ve seen his other works in the past and every time I look at it – always make me speechless and said to my self, how I wish if this model belong to me… If I’m rich I will surely but each and every magnificent work produced by this Keita… he is an awesome modeler, always an inspiration figure for me…

  4. I think he only wants to known as Keita. So far haven’t saw his real name though.

    Yeah, I hardly understand the way he does the mod, I mean, he doesn’t even tell more details about his mod.

    The only thing I undestand was the shield & rifle is using PG Strike’s shield & rifle as reference.

    How I wish I could do such nicely done kit….

  5. its stated that its strike e. so why would i think its noir? oh. i forgot. strike noir is a strike e with the noir pack. sorry. but its lucas’ strike e for sure. just gotta love strike e’s than the usual strike. XD

  6. @shewsbury
    i understand how you feel man. i really do. still a beginner myself. been into gunpla for around 5 months only. but once you really feel the urge to make your kits remotely like keita’s, dont be afraid to hack/slash/cut/melt/whatever your kit. it might take a while to learn keita’s techniques but in the end it’s all worth it. just dont rush at painting yet. you might suffocate like me. bah. what a pile of junk i just said. forgot about it. sorry. XD

  7. C’mon everyone, with some dedicated courage, I’m sure most of you can become somewhere near Keita’s level. Remember… believe in yourself, not the you who believes in Keita, but believe in the you who believes in yourself! *cough*

    Anyway, forgot to point this out… I like how he removed the whiskers from the Strike E’s face and it has some sort of Freedom’s look to it.

  8. Z: “…not the you who believe in Keita…” lol. Worship maybe. XD

    As long as my pocket didn’t get bigger, i wouldn’t dare to do any mod to my kits ^^; Interested to do Ver. Z again, Z? I know you can ;D

  9. ei eyeshield you can do mods to your kits by using cheap materials. here is a list of common materials and their cheap substitutes.

    tamiya putty = industrial epoxyclay wood (easy to handle)
    thin pla plates = prepaid call cards
    thick pla plates = used/old atm cards
    tamiya cement = clear nail polish

    these are the stuff i use. they’re cheap and they do the job well. XD

  10. dont be afraid of destroying your kits. you can always try to repair them just like what i did to my unicorn. XD

  11. then just be sure not to screw up your first kit. i mean. take your time in planning the mods you will do before you do it and picture it in your mind if it will work. XD

  12. and dont rush in doing your first modded kit. it might take months. it took me 4 months to finish my modded 1/144 flag. and its not that good yet. so just take your time. XD

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