Chinese Somethings


It’s that time of year I think where Chinese grandmas (or whoever knows) start making large batches of these traditional Chinese “dumplings/bells/jungs”.  My grandma would literally make about a hundred of them (or more) and give them out to people ^_^


Under the leaves is this uhh… shape of sticky rice and some sort of beans. The ingredients can differ a bit like some would use different beans, no beans or even peanuts. All based on the maker’s preference. My grandma would make different varieties and the only way to tell them apart is by the string length at the end @.@


Inside will contain a salted egg yolk (YUM! :D), lap teurng (how do I even spell that? It’s Chinese sausage), and some form of salted meat (usually pork). Dried shrimp can sometimes be found inside too. I think it’s good stuff and it is very filling :D. Not sure I can say the same for anyone who doesn’t have a Chinese tongue though…

So… anyone knows the exact name of this in english? >_> Anyone had these before? :D